After-sales service

Welcome to our 3D printer support page. We’re here to solve your problems and offer you reliable solutions to keep your 3D printers running at peak performance. Rely on our expertise to optimize your 3D production.

We provide dedicated after-sales assistance to the customer that can be provided in three ways: on-site assistance at the customer’s site, assistance at our equipped laboratory, telephone assistance or software assistance with remote connection.

On-site service generally takes place within 24 working hours at the customer’s site. It is the customer’s responsibility to have the printer accessible, connected to the mains, with the printing materials already assembled. You are also required to notify us at least 2 days in advance of the need for any PPE or other procedures for access to the premises of the premises.

3DCUT After-Sales Service
3DCUT After-Sales Service

Assistance at our equipped laboratory generally takes place in 15 working days (including transport times). It is the customer’s responsibility to send the printer with the original packaging, clean and without contaminants, with all accessories. We will send the newly repaired printer back to you, after we have completed our standard function tests.

Telephone support is available from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. It is the customer’s responsibility to indicate at the beginning of the call any code of the voucher purchased. In the case of software support, the customer is required to open the email with the support program directly from the computer on which the program in question is installed and configured.

Conditions of After-Sales Warranty Service

To request the arrangement of 3D printers still sold under warranty , you will have to send a very detailed email to address and you will have to insert photos and videos that are as clear as possible. Our technical team will respond as soon as possible to solve the problem; if the problem encountered is the work of the Customer, the working hours will be charged (€75/h excluding VAT).

The warranty only covers the shipment of the parts, while on-site assistance or replacement of the parts at our laboratory is to be agreed, which if it has not been agreed before the purchase will be accounted for in the final balance.

For 3D printers out of warranty or purchased from third parties, the procedure requires that a very detailed email be sentto the address containing photos and videos that are as clear as possible. Our technical team will respond as soon as possible with a suitable proposal.

3DCUT After-Sales Service

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