AzureFilm PETG 3D Filament 1kg

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AzureFilm PETG 3D Filament 1kg
combine the typical properties of ABS, thus strength, temperature resistance and durability, with the ease of processing of PLA.
These properties make PETG the ideal material for all-around 3D printing.


AzureFilm PETG 3D Filament 1kg is a new and extremely durable material , has very high impact resistance, good flexibility and virtually no shrinkage.

Petg is a hydrophobic (does not absorb water) filament with high gloss and does not give off any odor during printing.

High clarity prints
Very easy to print
Extremely strong
Very small chance of warping
Hydrophobic (does not absorb water)
FDA approved

Features and properties

  • Durable
  • Robust
  • Easy processing
  • Heat resistant

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