Bambu Lab P1S FDM 3D Printer

889,00  + IVA

The Bambu Lab P1S is one of the high-speed front edge printers on the market. Equipped with a suitable cooling configuration, the P1S enables better printing performance with a wider range of advanced filaments. In addition, the P1S is equipped with an activated carbon filter to provide a solution for printing filaments such as ABS that are prone to emit odors and harmful gases during the printing process.


  • Acceleration up to 20000 mm/s, prints a bench in 18 minutes
  • Works right out of the box, sets up in 15 minutes
  • Closed body for high-temperature filament printing
  • Well-polished hardware and software


Bambu Lab P1S Absolute Performance

With the Bambu Lab P1S you simply press print and the printer will handle all the calibrations (automatic bed leveling, vibration compensation) for you. Enjoy hassle-free printing every time with your P1S.

3DCUT - Bambu Lab P1S FDM 3D Printer

Direct Drive Extruder

In the Bambou Lab S1P the motor is connected directly to the extruder, the P1 series has better control over the extrusion and retraction of the flexible filaments. Precise and uniform extrusion for smooth, blur-free prints.

Fast printing with exceptional quality

The P1 Series inherits the proven kinematics and motion control system of the Bambou Lab Flagship printer. Printing with a maximum speed of 500 mm/s, acceleration from zero to 500 mm/s takes only 0.025 seconds. State-of-the-art control algorithm with the help of vibration compensation and pressure advance, for lightning-fast print speed without compromising quality.

3DCUT - Bambu Lab P1S FDM 3D Printer

Succeed with a perfect first layer

The Automatic Bed Leveling (ABL) sensor calibrates and levels the bed correctly, making you a perfect first layer for every 3D print.

Bamboo Studio & Handy

Connect with Bambu slicing software and mobile app to control your printer and monitor prints.

3DCUT - Bambu Lab P1S FDM 3D Printer

Advanced Technology

  • All-metal hoodden: Durable material made to support long-lasting 3D printing filaments including ABS, carbon fiber at high temperatures. It provides accurate and smooth extrusion to achieve quality printing performance.
  • Power Loss Recovery: Without worrying about a power outage, you can resume printing from the point where it left off.
  • Fans with Speed Feedback: The speed feedback sensor monitors the fan speed, ensuring that the fan is able to run at the optimal speed at all times.
  • Filament Runout Sensor: It eliminates the problem of empty rolls when printing. Change the filament when it’s empty and resume.
  • Semi-automatic belt tensioning: Belt tension is essential to ensure dimensional accuracy. Resonant frequency identification is done each time to help maintain the correct voltage.
  • Liveview and time-lapse: The built-in camera camera allows for easy monitoring of printing on Bambu Studio and Handy and the creation of timelapse videos.

3DCUT - Bambu Lab P1S FDM 3D Printer