Complete 3D Printing Course 100 Video Lessons

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Complete Course for 3D Printing 100 video lessons will teach you:

Choosing a printer
Understanding the operation of the printer
Know the software needed for printing
Knowing the materials
Knowing the logics to improve printing
Know the solutions to printing problems

Know the techniques for finishing prints


Complete 3D Printing Course 100 Video Lessons

FDM 3D printing is the first video course completely in Italian on filament 3D printing.

We created the course with one goal: to make the video course on 3D printing most comprehensive in the Italian language.

It starts from A and goes to Z. This route is suitable for both novice and more experienced users.
In the course you will find 100+ lessons (for a total of 10+ hours).
Including complete course on Simplify 3D and Cura completely in Italian.
Once purchased, you will immediately enter the member area we have prepared for you and pou can study the course wherever and whenever you want, in fact you will always be able to find it in your member area with no time limit.

Learn how to print without imperfections, no more throwing away your time and money on wasted filament.

Makers and digital creatives

3D printer novice
Simple enthusiasts who want better results
3D modelers who want to produce their own designs
Technical Clerks in the Company

Fablab owners or technicians

Save time and get to the maximum result right away by avoiding months of research and mistakes!
We’ve been there too, getting started with 3D printing may not be a walk in the park; there are many new things to learn, starting with the mechanical operation of the printer, going through the software and solving problems in order to get a perfect print.

We have incorporated all the knowledge from years of study, mistakes, research and experimentation into this course.

Thanks to Complete 3D Printing Course 100 video lessons:

Choosing a printer
Understanding the operation of the printer
Know the software needed for printing
Knowing the materials
Knowing the logics to improve printing
Know the solutions to printing problems

Know the techniques for finishing prints

3D PRINTERS | A World in Continuous Evolution - Plmdata

Learn everything you need to know with Complete 3D Printing Course 100 video lessons.

In a few minutes, once you start the course. you will be able to see for yourself that every aspect of 3D printing is covered in this course. Once you finish this course, you will not need to look elsewhere for what you need. Finally, a complete package for learning 3D printing, all in Italian.


What is 3D printing?

The Components of the Printer
Basic steps of printing
Getting Models to Print: 3D Modeling
Getting Models to Print: 3D Scanning
Get Templates to Print: Download Templates from the Internet

simplify 3d


Introduction to slicing
Infill: Manage the infill of templates
Top & Bottom shell: top and bottom layers
Introduction to the Layer
Advanced Layer Settings
Set printing temperatures
Introduction to Brim & Raft
Set Brim & Raft
Introduction to Print Media
Set the media for printing
Orient for better support
Set the cooling fan
Width: Set the extrusion width
Set the Width
Retraction: Avoiding filament spillage
Set Retraction
Coasting Wipe: Avoiding Blobs
Global G-Code
Speed: Manage printing speed and time
Scripts: Editing G-Code with Scripts
Horizontal size compensation: Improve the size
Thin Wall: Managing Thin Walls
Multiple Processes: Setting Up Advanced Printouts

Sequential Printing: Printing multiple templates simultaneously
Ooozing Control: Advanced retraction management


Basic Reccomended: Basic Recommended Settings
Basic Custom: Basic Customizable Settings
Advanced: Advanced settings
Experts: in-depth settings for experts
APPROACH: Improving Printing with Adaptive Layers
APPROACH: Finishing Top Layers with Ironing
Layer Editing

3D printing material


Filaments to start printing
Technical Filaments
Filaments for special applications
Powder Filled Filaments
Test Rupture: Pla vs. Abs
Guide to Printing PLA
Guide to Printing PETG
Guide to Printing ABS
Guide to Printing FLEX
electroplating electroplating 3D printing
Cleaning the Press from the Media
Primer: For leveling surfaces
Sanding the surface
Paint the printed model
Smoothing the surface with Acetone Fumes
Level the surface with Epoxy Resin
Electroplating Electroplating
Positioning the model to improve quality
Positioning the model to optimize costs

Subdivide the model to print complex models


What is the right size of the plate?
Professional or Low cost printers?
End-Filament Sensor: What it is and how it works
The Best Filament Printers of 2019
3d printing
Calibration plate
Setting the Z-Adjust
Calibrate Extrusion Width
Exact dimensions of the model: X Y Z
Calibration of E-Steps

PRACTICAL EXAMPLE: Calibrate Your Width in a Simple Way


Plate adhesion
Blobs on the edges of the model
Details that do not come
Elephant Foot
Fat/Fat extrusion
Extruder Blocked
Adhesion between Model Layers
Layershift: Grooved model
Weak Infill
Marks on the surface of the model
Blocked printing
Wire webs on the model
Unstable Supports
Falling layers
Inhomogeneous top layers
Z-axis vibration
Inhomogeneous infill
Warping: Model deformations
Supported areas of poor quality
CASE STUDY: How to recover an interrupted printout.



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Frequently Asked Questions about Complete 3D Printing Course 100 video lessons

Once I have purchased the course how long can I watch the videos?
The course has no time limit! Once you purchase the course you can watch the videos forever and whenever you like
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No viewing limit, once purchased the videos are yours to watch as many times as you need
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