CreatBot D600 PRO FDM 3D Printer

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3D printing with CreatBot D600 Pro very large and complex parts and objects. The D600 Pro is an industrial and professional high-temperature 3D printer with very high production quality and a very large heated printing area (60x60x60 cm). Use it to produce sophisticated, high-quality plastic components.


  • Extruder heated to 260°C hotend (left) and 420°C hotend (right), heated build platform and 70°C heated build chamber
  • Minimal deformation
  • Extremely large installation space of 600x600x600 mm and industrial extruder guide for optimal quality
  • Simple control via 4.3″ touch display and hot filament drying chamber
  • Easily set up 3D prints after a power outage: saves cost, time and nerves

Mepa Product Code – 3DCUT001


CreatBot D600 Pro industrial 3D printer – 3D printing of very large and complex parts and objects

3D printing with CreatBot D600 Pro very large and complex parts and objects. The D600 Pro is a high-temperature industrial 3D printer with very high production quality and an enormously large heated installation space(60x60x60 cm). The all-metal frame always provides smooth operation, precise linear guidance of the extruder, and tremendous noise reduction. Control the 3D printer conveniently and intuitively via the touch display and rely on reliable production results with BuildTak adhesives, heated platform, and heated filament drying chamber.

Improvements of CreatBot D600 Pro over D600

  • 25 control points control the setting of the building platform and level it automatically
  • Precise linear guidance for stable and smooth operation
  • Power failure protection automatically remembers the last position and continues 3D printing
  • Heated glass construction platform and BuildTak adhesives
  • Easy control via the 4.3-inch touch screen
  • Construction chamber heated to 70 degrees minimizes deformation
  • Filament drying chamber for nylon and other hydrophilic filaments

Extruder temperature up to 420 °C

CreatBot is among the first to release an ultra-high temperature 420 °C nozzle for the mass market. In addition, CreatBot holds exclusive innovative patents. The high-temperature extruder allows processing of a wide range of filaments. Optimized blue cooling fins cool the thermal cutoff reliably and efficiently.

3DCUT - CreatBot D600 PRO FDM 3D Printer

High accuracy of 3D printing

The high accuracy of 3D prints is made possible by the constant research and development of the extruder feeding system. High resolutions up to 0.1 mm can be achieved with this system. It also enables consistent extrusion of material without the dreaded nozzle clogging. Accuracy up to: 0.1mm Production speed up to: 200mm/s

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Stability of the steel frame

The all-metal steel frame provides high and continuous stability for 3D printing. It also greatly extends the product life cycle of the 3D printer. Optimization and cooperation of the overall structure ensure sustainable and efficient operation. The results on the first D600s speak of excellent performance for more than 8000 hours.

3DCUT - CreatBot D600 PRO FDM 3D Printer

CreatBot D600 – Very large construction size: 600 * 600 * 600 mm

3DCUT - CreatBot D600 PRO FDM 3D Printer

Fully enclosed construction chamber

The fully enclosed, heated printer chamber keeps all environmental influences away from your 3D prints. This minimizes deformation and keeps moisture out. So you can 3D print without worry. In addition, the closed design reduces noise and keeps the temperature inside constant.

Creatbot d600 pro Hot Camera professional 3d printer


Automatic leveling platform

CreatBot D600 Pro automatically levels its printing table. The use of 49 points through the high-precision servo probe to save the level of flatness of the initial data of the platform, through the intelligent Z-axis height of the compensation table in the printing process to achieve a fully automatic result Leveling.

3DCUT - CreatBot D600 PRO FDM 3D Printer
d600 pro extruders


Precise linear guidance

The accurate linear guide structure can print patterns with a high precision range up to 4~5 times higher than other ordinary optical axis printers in the mass market. This facility offers accurate filament feeding so that large models can be printed quickly and perfectly.

3DCUT - CreatBot D600 PRO FDM 3D Printer


Power failure and filament recognition

The CreatBot D600 Pro printer automatically saves the current location and status of 3D prints. It lowers the building platform and extends the filament when the machine is suddenly turned off or the power supply stops. This means that the printer will automatically memorize the current position and save the print data, lower the working platform, and withdraw the filament when it suddenly shuts down.

3DCUT - CreatBot D600 PRO FDM 3D Printer

HEPA air filter

The air filtration system can absorb impurities and gas which generated by printing special filaments such as ABS, Nylon, PC, safer and environmental protection which is more suitable for home, school, offices.

3DCUT - CreatBot D600 PRO FDM 3D Printer



Intuitive touch screen operation

Control this 3D printer from its easy-to-use 4.3 “touch screen. A one-button control heats the D600 Pro, starts production jobs, and moves the extruder head to its initial position. In addition, there are many other smart setting options waiting for you.

3DCUT - CreatBot D600 PRO FDM 3D Printer



Heated installation space – 70 °C Pro minimizes deformation

With its actively heated installation space, CreatBot D600 Pro ensures a constant temperature of the installation space. Make sure your model does not warp during 3D printing: warping is a thing of the past.

3DCUT - CreatBot D600 PRO FDM 3D Printer

Dry, heated storage for your filament

Store the hydrophilic filament in a dry, heated room. This guarantees you high-quality processing of water-absorbing materials such as nylon or PC. To minimize water absorption, set the chamber temperature between 45°C and 65°C. Keep your filaments dry!


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