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EINSCAN-SE V2 3D SCANNER Shining desktop cheaper and easier., perfect for those who want to start making 3D scans for 3D printing, with a small investment.

  • Light-structured
  • Cheap
  • 2 Methods of use:
    – fixed on tripod
    – with turntable
  • In color


Simpler operation, faster scanning,
ease of use and increased efficiency

-Time required for a single scan: 8 s-Time
Required for a 360-degree scan in automatic scanning mode: 2 minutes


Compatible to communicate
with 3D printers

Automatic mesh on airtight 3D data, providing high-quality 3D data for the 3D printer to print directly from the 3D printer. Providing API access service for 3D printers of any brand


Automatic software

Automatic calibration without the need for rigid set-up; One-click scanning; Automatic alignment and merging for direct mesh generation;
Multiple alignment modes available in EinScan-SE: turntables, functions, and manual alignments;
EinScan-SE provides an accuracy of 0.1 mm for a single scan.


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