Stampante 3d Zortrax M300 Dual

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    Finally Zortrax with two extruders

    Zortrax M300 Dual: industrial 3D print quality on the desktop

    Are you a professional and have high demands on the quality and performance of your 3D printer? So Zortrax M300 Dual is the perfect 3d printer for you. Discover the quality of industrial 3D printing at a fair price. 3D printing of two materials thanks to the extruder with double hot end and two separate nozzles.

    Main features - Zortrax M300 Dual:

    • 3D printing with water-soluble support material

    • The build volume of 265x265x300 mm is suitable for most applications

    • Wi-Fi, USB and Ethernet for reliable connectivity

    • Protection against power failure through capacitor for continuous 3D printing

    • Automatic calibration of the build platform thanks to the built-in capacitive distance sensor

      Additional features of Zortrax M300 Dual:

    • This 3D printer uses Zortrax LPD Plus Dual Extrusion technology

    • Compatible with various construction platforms (perforated, glass and other construction platforms)

    • 3D printing with one or both extruder filaments and support material

    • Work with third-party filaments

    • Integrated video camera for remote monitoring

    • Large build volume for 3D printing of powerful components

    • Thanks to the large build volume of 265x265x300 mm, it is possible to create 3D prints of large and high quality components. 3D print even your great masterpieces in one piece.

    • LPD Plus technology with 2 extruders

    • LPD Plus technology works with two nozzles and a double hot end. 3D printing complex parts, support structure easy to remove. On one extruder it is 3D printed with the main material and on the other with water soluble support material.

    • Intelligent backup system in case of power outages

    Zortrax M300 Dual is smart. Detects a power outage. Its control software pauses 3D printing and remembers the exact position of the extruder. When power is restored, the Zortrax M300 resumes 3D printing in the same position. This feature eliminates the need for false 3D prints.

    Capacitive sensor

    The integrated capacitive sensor measures the distance between the extruder and the construction platform. 3D printing always at the optimal distance, regardless of the construction platform used. This makes calibration simple and automated.

    Advanced filament control

    Zortrax M300 Dual automatically stops 3D printing when the filament is interrupted or dripping or clogging occurs.

    3D printing with external materials

    Third-party filaments wound on standard reels are fully supported in single and double extrusion modes.

    Box contents:

    • 3d printer

    • Side covers

    • Z-SUITE

    • Starting kit

    • 1 coil of model material

    • 1 roll of support material

    • 2 spool pins

    • Materials box

    • 1 perforated platform

    • 1 glass platform

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