Creatbot F160 FDM 3D printer

Creatbot F160 PEEK Version V420 ° FDM 3D printer

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FDM 3D printer for material with high melting temperature

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Creatbot F160
Fantastic FFF high temperature 3D printer, can be used for additive manufacturing of objects with high-tech filaments, such as Nylon, PEEK or Ultem. Furthermore, it is possible to print other materials that require temperatures up to 420 ° C. With CreatBot F160 it is possible to produce with experimental 3D printing filaments. (ABS, carbon fiber, wood, nylon, PC, PTEG, SIDES, PP, flexible, Ultem or PEEK) In addition, this precise 3D printer stands out for its high production quality. Buildtak platform
3D printing 420 ° C Hot-end
Realize high temperature 3D prints with up to 420 ° C. This type of nozzle allows you to produce a wide variety of filaments. You can 3D print with high tech thermoplastic materials such as PEEK or ULTEM. The height of the nozzle can also be adjusted to a very detailed level
We have studied and developed exclusively the extruder feeding system. The CreatBot F160 supports high speed 3D printing. Its additive manufacturing precision can reach high resolution up to 0.04 mm. In addition, it allows you to constantly extrude the filament without problems.
The all-steel body not only ensures stability during 3D printing, but significantly prolongs the period of use. Optimization and cooperation of the overall structure ensure sustainable and efficient operation. The first batch of CreatBot 3D printers has been operating for over 5 years and 8000 hours.
A fully enclosed construction chamber can block all external interference and reduce noise. This heated chamber can provide a constant room temperature. This prevents deformation of objects during 3D printing. A closed construction chamber is the key to successful additive manufacturing with ABS, nylon, PEEK, Ultem.
When the power to the CreatBot F160 high temperature 3D printer is interrupted, it will automatically store your current location and save the 3D print data. Resume 3D printing after the feeder works again.

The F160 CreatBot signals when the filament is running low.

F160 400 degree hotend

f160 fully enclosed chamber

touch screen icon Touch Screen

f160 touch screen

buildtak film icon BuildTak Platform

f160 buildtak film

Data sheet

Press area
Print speed
120 mm/s
Print precision
0,04 mm
Filament diameter
1,75 mm
Nozzle diameter
0,4 mm
Double extruder
Extruder temperature
420 ° C
Floor temperature
130 ° C
CreatWare Multi-language
Supported drawing format
25 kg

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