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    BCN3d epsilon w50 fdm 3d printer

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    The Epsilon W50 is a powerful professional 3D printer, designed to deliver large parts with industrial-grade materials, thanks to features such as the fully enclosed and passively heated hot chamber. Equipped with our Independent Double Extrusion System (IDEX), Epsilon W27 provides exceptionally robust and accurate quality functional parts.

    Heated bed up to 120°C to print with high quality materials and avoid deformation problems. "

    The e3D ™ hotends have been carefully designed to provide the smoothest and most reliable extrusion.
    The BCN3D Epsilon series is equipped with a multilingual touchscreen that guides the user through its advanced features.
    Sturdy aluminum frame to ensure strength and durability on the work floor.
    Bondtech ™ extruders feature high-tech dual-drive gears, which offer more control, sharper details and superior performance for any filament type.
    Filament exhaustion sensor that detects when the filament is finished and pauses the printing process until it is reloaded again.

    It creates large functional parts with solid mechanical properties.

    Unlock a wide range of technical applications with industrial-grade BCN3D filaments,
    developed by renowned chemical companies: BASF and Mitsubishi Chemical, or work
    with confidence with any third-party material of your choice thanks to our open filament system.

    Developed by BCN3D, the revolutionary technology of the independent double extrusion system makes

    the difference in 3D printing. A mode that allows you to print mirror drawings symmetrically and accelerates iteration.
    A setting that simultaneously prints identical models, doubling production capacity.
    A process that prints soluble parts to create complex structures and avoid geometries
    Limitations. A technique that allows you to print two different materials and combine them

    The Epsilon W50 and Epsilon W27 have a completely enclosed chamber that keeps the internal temperature controlled, which can reach 60°C, and a print bed that can reach 120°C.

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    Data sheet

    Workable Area
    420*300*400 mm
    Print speed
    80-150 mm
    Print precision
    0,05 mm
    Filament diameter
    2,85 mm
    Nozzle diameter
    0,4 mm
    Double extruder
    Extruder temperature
    Floor temperature
    BCN3D Cloud
    Supported drawing format
    57 Kg

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