BCN3D Epsilon FDM 3D printer

    BCN3D Epsilon FDM 3D printer

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    BCN3D Epsilon is a 3D printer capable of facing the problem solving of today's companies.

    Industry 4.0

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    BCN3D Epsilon

    Designed to enable professionals to innovate further, the new BCN3D Epsilon is our most powerful, dependable and precise 3D printer yet. Its industrial power guarantees unparalleled performance for your workbench or factory floor.

    Built on the capabilities of our desktop 3D printers Sigma and Sigmax, today we are proud to introduce a new generation of machines combining enhanced performance, industrial-grade reliability and full accessibility for a seamless daily operation.

    This complete professional 3D printing solution has been developed to enable innovators -from manufacturers to engineers to designers-, to easily create functional parts, prototypes, manufacturing jigs and tools; and anything else you can imagine, with the highest throughput for maximum efficiency.

    BCN3D Epsilon is a FFF 3D printer ideal for a workbench environment, suitable for use in prototyping applications and fabrication of small-batch projects with the most advanced materials.

    Including the IDEX technology, a big volume (more than 50 liters of capacity) and the duplication and mirror modes, BCN3D Epsilon is able to provide the best number of solutions for different markets.

    • Ideal for low volume production: With the duplication and mirror printing strategies
      combined with the best industrial materials.
    • Ideal for end-use parts: Able to print with fiber filled materials providing the best resistance and endurance.
    • Ideal for tooling: Able to print with different nozzles providing ultra-resistant parts.
    • Ideal for prototyping: Able to print with ABS, PP, and PA for the best prototypes or concepts.

    The BCN3D Epsilon is a powerful professional 3D printer, designed to deliver large-scale parts with industrial-grade materials, thanks to features such as its passive heated chamber and full enclosure.

    Powered by our Independent Dual Extruder (IDEX) system, the BCN3D Epsilon delivers exceptionally strong functional parts with quality and precision.

    A scalable production solution.

    • Massive print volume.

    The BCN3D Epsilon features one of the largest build volumes on the market, with a print volume of 420 x 300 x 400 mm. Print at large scale using water-soluble supports, or fit multiple parts on a build plate, so you can get the dimensions you designed for.

    • Powered by IDEX Technology.

    Combining this massive volume with our Independent Dual Extrusion (IDEX) technology, which allows print modes such as Mirror and Duplication, the BCN3D Epsilon turns out to be the perfect tool for cost-effective batch production.

    • Fully-enclosed passive heated chamber.

    A fully enclosed heated chamber keeps internal temperature, where it can reach up to 60°C. This enables you to print large scale, functional parts with specialised industrial-grade materials, achieving industrial-grade results.

    Industrial-grade materials developed by BASF & Mitsubishi Chemical. Extending BCN3D Filaments portfolio.

    • Unlock a wide range of applications with the revamped BCN3D Filaments portfolio.

    BCN3D Epsilon has been designed to support the most demanding applications thanks to features such its full enclosure and the passive heated chamber. That’s why BCN3D has partnered with renowned chemical companies BASF and Mitsubishi Chemical (MCPP) to develop new references for the BCN3D Filaments and ensure the readiness of the BCN3D Epsilon to work with them. So from now on, the BCN3D Filaments supports the following materials: ABS, PP, PET-G, PA, PLA, TPU and PVA.

    • Industrial applications within reach with the new Hotend X.

    Industrial applications are also within reach thanks to the new Hotend X, made from a special alloy of tool steel. When paired with the BCN3D Epsilon, it allows you to print with fiber filled materials, so you can print stiffer parts for the most demanding jobs. Thanks to BASF manufacturer, and exclusively for the BCN3D Epsilon, users will have the possibility to print with PP GF30 and PAHT CF15.

    Safety first.

    • HEPA and Carbon filter.

    In order to work with these technical and abrasive materials, safety must be guaranteed. The BCN3D Epsilon includes unparalleled safety features including a HEPA Filter and a Carbon Filter which prevent the release of potentially harmful particles and fumes into the air; ensuring a shielded environment for those around the printer.

    • Safety pause.

    The new Safety Pause feature, in its turn, will stop the printing process anytime the enclosure door is opened, so that your experience will always be fully secure through and through.

    Full connectivity for a seamless workflow.

    • BCN3D Cloud & Wireless printing.

    The BCN3D Epsilon 3D printer is equipped with the latest connectivity features. Easily send your print files from anywhere, with our new BCN3D cloud service, and do it via wifi for the most hassle-free workflow.

    You can also forget about manual firmware upgrades: if you chose to have them, our Over The Air (OTA) updates will make sure that your 3D printer is always up to date.

    • 5“ Multilingual touchscreen.

    Integrated into the front panel, a responsive multilingual 5’’ touch screen makes operation effortless, and informed - you can just swipe through menus and tap options to select them. Detailed information, such as the build plate and nozzle temperature keeps you up to date about jobs in progress and allows you to take action easily.

    Designed to perform. Enabling innovation.

    • Bondtech™ Extruders and e3D™Hotends.

    The BCN3D Epsilon counts on a high performing extrusion system, using the high-tech Dual Drive Gears by Bondtech and e3D™ hotends. As a result, the BCN3D Epsilon offers a solid and reliable outcome, no matter the filament used.

    • Filament Runout Sensor.

    A built-in filament runout sensor intelligently detects the presence of material. To save your print if a material runs out, the BCN3D Epsilon will automatically pause the printing process and display a message warning about the lack of filament.

    • Heated bed up to 120ºC.

    The BCN3D Epsilon is equipped with a heated bed that can reach up to 120ºC, ideal to print with engineering-grade materials and avoid warping issues.

    • Aluminium frame.

    Sturdy aluminum frame for guaranteed strength and durability on your workfloor.





    Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)


    Independent Dual Extruder (IDEX)

    Printing volume

    420mm x 300mm x 400mm

    Build Chamber

    Fully enclosed
    Passive Heated Chamber
    Safety Pause

    Air filtering

    Category H13 HEPA filter
    Active Carbon filter




    2 years for EU countries
    1 year for non-EU countries

    Extruder system

    Extruder Bondtech™ hight-tech dual drive gears.
    Hotends: Optimized and manufactured by e3D™.

    Printing Models

    Duplication mode
    Mirror Mode
    Soluble Supports Mode
    Multimaterial Mode


    Single Board Computer: Toradex ARM Compute Module.
    Motion Board: BCN3D Electronics with Independent Stepper Drivers.


    BCN3D Embedded Linux distribution
    BCN3D Epsilon - Marlin

    Heated bed

    Silicone thermal pad


    5” full color capacitive touchscreen

    Supported files


    Operating Sound

    49 dB(A)

    Nozzle diameter

    0,4mm (installed) / 0,6mm / 0,8mm /
    1,0mm / Hotend X: 0,6mm


    CE / FCC


    Offline printing: SD card
    Online printing: Wifi or Ethernet





    Layer height

    0,05 – 0,5mm*
    *Depending on the nozzle

    Positioning resolution (X/Y/Z)

    1,25µm / 1,25µm / 1µm

    Operating temperature

    15°C – 35°C

    Extruder maximum temperature


    Heated bed maximum temperature


    Build chamber maximum temperature

    *Depending on operating temperature





    Filament diameter


    Compatible Materials

    PLA, PVA, PET-G, TPU, ABS, PP, PA, Fiber filled materials. Only with
    Hotend X (0,6mm): PP GF30, PAHT CF15.

    Open Filament System






    File preparation software

    BCN3D Cura

    Operative Systems

    Windows, Mac, Linux

    Supported files

    STL, 3MF, OBJ, AMF

    Wireless connectivity

    Cloud software control
    · Send print jobs
    · Monitor printing progress
    · Pause/Stop print jobs






    AC 84-240V, AC 3,6-1,3A, 50-60Hz

    Maximum Power Consumption






    Overall dimensions

    530mm x 690mm x 900mm*
    *Including cables


    37 kg*
    *Without filament spools

    Shipping box dimensions

    600mm x 800mm x 1185mm

    Shipping weight

    46 kg

    Shipping method

    Half Europallet

    Specific References

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