Omni NOVA FDM 3D Printer




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The new Omni3D Nova 3D printer boasts a build volume of 0.5 cubic meters. It has been designed for both single parts and small batch production. Using a triple heat control environment ensures that the quality and accuracy of the parts are excellent.

To obtain a suitable offer, the manufacturer requires a telephone or email contact. is at your service to snatch the best price.

The calibration takes place completely automatically and has a filament flow sensor, these are just some of the very useful functions that will optimize your work and allow you to make 3D prints quickly and effectively.

The selected feature will optimize your work and allow you to make 3D prints quickly and effectively.
An optional CARBON+HEPA filter is available.

The Omni3D Nova stamps sophisticated and unique shapes thanks to the use of a specific support material. This 3D printer has also been equipped with an idle head lift system and an optional head is
available for high temperatures, up to 420°C.

You can remotely build and manage a set of printers and observe the progress of printing on a preview remotely, all through a dedicated web page, from which you can easily start printing, manage and control the process remotely.

The heated chamber allows you to effectively print large objects from industrial thermoplastics, such as ABS, Nylon, Peek and Ultem.

With such a large print area you can print large elements or several small elements at the same time.


Data sheet

500 x 500 x 500 mm
Print Precision
0,10 mm
Filament Diameter
1,75 mm
Nozzle Diameter
0,4 mm
Double Extruder
Extruder temperature
360 °C (optional 420 °C)
Floor temperature
130 °C
Supported Drawing Format
200-250 Kg