Mosaic Palette 2S Pro

    Mosaic Palette 2S Pro

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    Give your prints a multicolor!
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    Mosaic Palette 2 PRO

    Four filaments are combined and inserted into the 3D printer. Palette 2S takes your 3D prints to a whole new level.

    The most reliable experience so far
    Palette 2S offers the simplest multi-material printing process. With a plug-and-play installation, you can use Palette 2S with any printer and get the most out of it.

    One nozzle, four filaments, infinite potential
    Print your designs without compromise. Improve communication and create geometric freedom with different colors and soluble supports in a single print.

    Software flexibility
    You can use CANVAS for an improved user experience or continue to use your offline slicers and favorite post-processing tools to print with Palette 2S.

    Automated filament management
    You no longer have to worry about printing with unfilled rolls. When a roll has run out, Palette 2S automatically connects to another roll to continue the printing process even when you're not around.

    For Palette 2S and 2S Pro, we have focused on reliability and ease of use. We have reviewed the main systems of the 2/2 Pro range, optimizing and testing it to make sure we can raise the bar for multi-material 3D printing.

    Greater speed

    There are several factors that affect the maximum printing speed: layer height, model and splicing speed of the Palette.

    With both SpliceCores, both the Palette 2S and 2S Pro can splice 10% faster than their predecessors.

    Pre-installed firmware

    Once the Palette 2S / 2S Pro has been taken out of the package, you can start printing immediately.

    Optimized material transmission

    With Palette 2S and 2S Pro, transmission drive arm controls the path of the material more consistently, allowing you to control it more accurately and reliably even at higher speeds.


    A project management tool, a content creation tool and a cloud cutting device. It has undergone a significant change, which allows you to create, store and print content in ways that no other platform can do. Below is a brief overview of some of the major changes.

    CANVAS Paint
    CANVAS Paint is our content creation tool that allows anyone to create multicolor content from single-color .stl files. With this tool, you can make the most of the Palette by customizing the content.

    Project management and sharing
    One of the great advantages of the cloud is the ability to share projects with multiple users. Sharing the project link allows you to share your projects with the Palette Community or your network.

    Cloud slicing
    Since the introduction of CANVAS Beta in 2018, we have increased the cutting speed of CANVAS three times. We also fixed bugs that led to lower cutting speeds and clipping errors in the beta phase. If cloud isn't your thing, we continue to support other desktop-based slicers with our free Chroma post-processing tool.

    P2SP_grande.png? V = 1572297438

    Upgraded P2S Pro interior with Splice Core S Pro


    P2S_grande.png? V = 1572803593

    Internal shot of the new Palette 2S

    This will give you the advantage when printing at higher speeds and saving hours of printing on all future parts!

    Pre-loaded firmware


    Recharge your printer with Palette 2.

    Palette 2 combines four filaments and inserts them into the printer in real time, without modification.

    • Print impossible protrusions with water-soluble support.
    • Make heat and water resistant models in four durable PETG colors.
    • Create functional products for end use by combining PLA with a flexible TPU.
    • An improved hardware design helps to create consistent and reliable links between the filaments.
    • The color touchscreen includes built-in Gradient and Pattern modes.


    Palette 2 works with most filament printers. Find out if your printer is compatible with Palette 2

    Join the global community of palette owners in over 40 countries.


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