Omni3D is a company founded in Poland in 2013 that is, to date, the leading European manufacturer of large-format industrial 3D printers, i.e. printers able to create functional prototypes made with the same materials that will be subsequently used in production, to produce spare parts or customized and finished products.This type of printer offers the great advantage of being able to fully customize the product in detail according to the needs of each individual customer.

Omni3D boasts among its customers companies such as Samsung, Volkswagen, Whirlpool, Solaris, Siemens, Safran Group, Naval Group, SKF, GE and many others, making their printers present in almost all sectors and on every supplier.

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Omni3D has won numerous awards, including the 2016 WOMEN PRODUCT Award in the category "Stamp 3D, additive production, engineering and maintenance" and the medal of the 2021 Polish gold fair for the NET Factory 2.0 printer.

3DCUT can proudly claim to be the EXCLUSIVE RETAILER IN ITALY of Omni3D printers from 2021.

Industry 4.0

These printers are also certified "Industry 4.0 Ready" with the innovative "Omni Web Cotrol", a system that allows users to fully control the printer remotely.You can set the printer temperature and upload the print files, monitor the press progress and even make temperature changes or stop printing in case of unexpected errors.

Thanks to the event registration system, you can also download every work result and share projects with your team.


One of the most important strengths of Omni3D printers (in Factory 2.0 & Factory 2.0 NET), patented in EU and USA, is a solution called Omni Cooling SystemTM, which is a direct extruder cooling system that allows extruders to operate in a heated chamber and provides better control over the dimensional accuracy of the printing.