Protys is aitalian company located a stone's throw from Florence, born in 2017 producing high quality 3D printers completely Made in Italy.

Since its production takes place completely in Italy, Protys manages to ensure an extremely fast and effective service and significantly reduce waiting times for any spare parts.

In 2022 Protys 3D Printers reached more than 120,000 hours of operation with distributed printers, this allows them to continuously improve and expand the 3D printer range.

IDEX extruder system

Platinum line printers have two independent nozzles using the iDEX technology.This technology allows to increase productivity as it allows printing 2 objects at the same time

Thanks to the iDEX technology these printers are perfect for small series productions.

Each model has characteristics that differentiate it, but all with closed room and active heating.

Choose the printer that best meets your needs, whatever your choice you can count on a tool that will help increase the competitiveness of your work.

Industry 4.0

All Protys printers are Industry 4.0 Ready: thanks to remote control software we can track all prints performed, have an annual summary of the filaments used divided per month.

Protys, moreover, is one of the only printer manufacturers that, thanks to remote control software, allows to download a certificate in PDF for each press, in which all press events and disconnection appear as a percentage of temperatures.

Remote control software also offers the possibility, in case of error during printing, to exclude an area where the extruder does not release material, so as to save the rest of the prints.