Flashforge is one of the most important and recognized 3D printer manufacturers worldwide.The company was born in 2011 and today, in addition to having received various awards, is present in various professional sectors.

Flashforge Creator 4

Flashforge currently offers various categories of 3D printers, we at 3dcut have chosen to propose the professional line with the top model Creator4, an innovative printer that contains in one product all the essential features, which allows us to offer our customers a single solution that can satisfy all their needs.

Creator4 is the Flashforge 3D FDM printer designed for professional department.

This printer is equipped with an idex system, i.e. double independent extruder that allows simultaneous printing, thus drastically reducing printing times.

Creator4 provides 3 heads-extruders and provides the possibility of rapid and very easy replacement;this technical functionality allows the user to print various polymers different from each other.

Also excellent is the print area (400*350*500 mm), which allows printing even of large plastics without the need to dissect them.

Our strengths

3dcut thanks to its experience and highly specialized team, is able to offer a complete installation and training service on these FDM 3D printers, with possibility of intervention both on site and remotely.

In addition, we can provide spare parts quickly, thanks to agreements with the world's best forwarders.