Founded in 2004, SHINING 3D is a company focused on research and development, production and application of high precision 3D digital products.Offering affordable, efficient and high-tech solutions, SHINING3D is committed to becoming a key contributor to the 3D digital technology field with global influence, promoting the dissemination and application of 3D scanning.

SHINING 3D develops 3 business segments:Digital Dentistry, Einscan and Metrology provides a 3D digitization technology system solution:3D Scan- Intelligent Design- 3D Print.

The company independently developed a series of basic technologies in the field of 3D scanning and has 360+ licensed patents and over 140 copyright software.

has also designed independent basic technologies in LED 3D light scanners, 3D laser scanners, dual light source scanning, high precision automated 3D visual inspection, portable optical tracking measurement systems, AI 3D visual guide and DLP digital light processing.

SHINING 3D continues to improve product quality control system based on global standards.Currently, the company has obtained the ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system, ISO45001 health and safety management system at work, ISO45001 medical device quality management system ISO13485 and MDSAP medical device single audit plan certification.

How we can help you

3dcut counts in its organic two technicians with decades of experience specializing in the world of 3D scanning, with the possibility of different training paths and use of 3D Shining scanners.
The multiple locations of the manufacturer allow for safe and fast order evasion.