AzureFilm is a reality that has been working in the world of polymers for several generations, in 2012 the Derman family decides to start the production of filaments for 3D printing.

3DCUT chose Azurefilm as a partner for its reliability and high performance, all combined with an excellent value for money.

Thanks to Azure's geographical position, filament deliveries take place in record times.

AzureFilm produces quality 3D filaments for all types of 3D printers.The filaments are produced in Slovenia with the help of various institutions throughout Europe.

AzureFilm has its own range of colours of plastic filaments.This range of colors includes the basic colors, but on request different color shades and custom RAAL can be produced.

The most sold filaments are PLA, ABS, PETG, ASA and Nylon.Daily production allows you to have items immediately available.

What are our strengths

3DCUT thanks to its experience and highly specialized team, is able to offer a free consulting service, to guide you in choosing the most suitable material for your application