The accepted forms of payment are:

Bank Transfer

In case of payment by bank transfer in advance you will receive by email the total summary of the order and the bank details on which to make the transfer. As a reason for payment you will have to use the order number assigned to you. The accreditation times are about 2/3 working days. To speed up the process of preparing the package we recommend sending a copy of the bank transfer to, the order will not be shipped until the funds are credited to our C / C but will allow you a faster order fulfillment as the goods are blocked for your order. You can also make an instant transfer for the payment of your goods, in this case the order is processed immediately without any waiting.

Credit card

By paying by credit card at the conclusion of the order you will be automatically transferred to the payment platform where you will be asked for your credit card details. If you have activated Mastercard's Verified by Visa or Secure Code security system, you will also be asked for the corresponding security code when entering data. All transactions take place on secure platforms outside the site to guarantee maximum security.


Thanks to the partnership with an agency of BCC Lease (Gruppo Banche di Credito Cooperativo)

Our financial products are:
-Financial leasing and operating rental for new 3D printers.
-Finalized financing for consumables, components, spare parts, dealer warehouse, repairs, issue of certifications, new / used machinery.

The lease durations range from a minimum of 48 to a maximum of 60 months, For the rental it starts from 18 months up to 60.

The difference between leasing is very simple, for when leasing the owner of the asset at the end of the term becomes the owner of the asset instead at the end of the rental the asset returns to the supplier, who will then make arrangements with the customer for a satisfactory solution for both.

Rental and leasing installments are always inclusive of all-risk insurance.
The minimum amount that can be financed is € 1,500 (€ 5,000 only for leasing); We work in income exemption (without requiring income documents) for amounts up to € 15,000.
Up to this amount, the only documents required from the customer are: Chamber of Commerce certificate and identity document of the administrator.

Above 15,000 euros, budget or single model are also required.
In agreement with the supplier, we can also structure zero-interest or subsidized financing operations.
We only finance VAT numbers open for at least 24 months, or new openings with continuous activity (eg transformation from snc into srl).