Creatbot D1000 FDM 3D Printer

Creatbot D1000 FDM 3D Printer

With CreatBot D1000 it is now possible to print both large and complex models. The D1000 is a large-format industrial printer with dual extruders and a heated build chamber.


  • Heated and closed construction chamber (heats to 60°C)
  • Huge construction volume of 1000x1000x1000 mm
  • Large 9.7″ touch display
  • Chamber of the heated material, choice of 45° or 65°C
  • Resume print function

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With CreatBot D1000 you can now print both large and complex models. The D1000 is a large-format industrial printer with dual extruders and a heated build chamber. DELIVERY TIME 8 weeks.

D1000 is one of the first high-performance printers equipped with high-temperature hot ends as standard. Dual extruders with high-temperature nozzles allow printing with a wide variety of different materials. The advanced cooling system ensures that your hot ends always operate in optimal conditions.


With D1000, CreatBot has taken a further step forward in speed, accuracy and reliability by achieving a resolution down to 0.05 mm and a printing speed up to 120 mm/s (optimal speed 60 mm/s). Combining these features with a powerful direct-drive configuration gives you a high-performance printer in every use.


Due to its steel construction, the D1000 weighs an impressive 550 kg. The steel housing ensures that the D1000 is always stable and secure during operation. Vibrations are also kept to a minimum, and this, in the long run, increases the life of the printer. In fact, CreatBot’s first printers have been running for 5 years and over 8000 hours without major problems.


The D1000 is an excellent industrial printer. With this printer you can make prototypes and functional prints in a size of 1000x1000x1000 mm, or 1x1x1 meters! This is 60 times the volume of most normal printers.


The large construction plate is made of glass-ceramic and is strong enough to withstand both the weight and the high temperatures to which it is subjected.


The fully enclosed construction chamber removes all outside influences. You do not have to worry about wind gusts and temperatures in the room where the D1000 is placed. The closed construction also allows for noise reduction and ensures that the printing environment maintains a constant and uniform temperature at all times.


With the help of 64 measurement points and a BL-Touch, F1000 probes and the necessary adjustments to level the build plate and save the correct settings you can be sure that the print result will come out as planned.


The D1000 Printer can operate with prints lasting several hundred hours. In cases like this, it is nice to have a camera that allows you to monitor progress remotely.


With the app you can monitor your printer and keep an eye on temperature, print progress, and even pause and stop the current print job if something goes wrong.


The D1000 comes bundled with a tailor-made version of Cura, which is one of the most widely used slicers in the world. The version of CreatBot is CreatWare. If for some reason you prefer to use another slicer, it is good to know that D1000 is compatible with SimpliFy3D.


It has an automatic shutdown function when printing is finished and an emergency stop function.

The large 9.7-inch touch screen makes the printer easy to control, thanks in part to an intuitive user interface.


The accurate linear guide structure can print patterns with high accuracy up to 4-5 times higher than other standard optical axis printers in the mass market. This facility provides accurate filament feeding so that large models can be printed quickly and accurately.


The printer will automatically memorize the current position and save the print data, lower the platform and reverse the filament in case it suddenly goes out.

When the power returns, it will continue to print from the last current position.

The printer will also detect if the filament runs out and then pause printing so that you can change spools.

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