Theory and Design for Additive Manufacturing





In this course the theoretical part concerning Additive Manufacturing technologies is taught by deepening on FDM technology and how to design models, considering all the features and limitations of 3D printing.

This course has been designed for all users who need to learn how to use Additive Manufacturing systems, and more specifically FDM technologies, for professional purposes, but it is also perfect for all users who have taught themselves to use Solid Modeling Program and want to consolidate their skills.

Course topics:

  • Definition of Additive Manufacturing Systems
  • Applications
  • Pros and cons of various 3D printing technologies
  • Deep dive on FDM technology
  • From the printed template file
  • The limits and characteristics of 3D printers with FDM technologies
  • Designing for Additive Manufacturing

At the end of the course a nominal certificate of attendance will be issued.