Raise 3D E2-CF FDM 3D Printer

Raise 3D E2-CF FDM 3D Printer

Raise3D E2CF is a professional 3D printer with dual IDEX extruders designed to reliably process fiber-reinforced filaments, Industrial filaments for 3D printing on the E2CF, such as PA12 CF, PPA CF, PET CF, PPS CF and other Raise3D filaments.

This 3D printer is excellent for prototyping, rapid tooling and additive manufacturing.

  • Nozzles with long abrasion resistance
  • Optimized for easy-to-use 3D printing of carbon fiber reinforced filaments
  • Dual Direct Drive extrusion system for reliable and uniform filament feeding
  • IDEX extruder: 3D printing of two parts simultaneously in mirror or duplicate mode
  • Raise3D Industrielles PA12 CF Stützfilament
  • Raise3D’s Filament Dry Box and HEPA Filter
  • Profile for slicing ideaMaker
  • Easy maintenance with intuitively replaceable printheads
  • Automatic print bed leveling, built-in camera, power failure protection and automatic filament detection
  • Improved leveling accuracy and all-metal construction

Mepa Product Code – 3DCUT037

3.990,00  + IVA

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E2CF is a desktop 3D printer developed by Raise3D for carbon fiber reinforced filaments and other composite materials.

The carbon fiber filament has low density, high strength and is resistant to corrosion, static electricity and high temperatures. It has the potential for a wide range of applications within industries that require a significant strength-to-weight ratio in applications, such as the aviation and automotive industries. The E2CF is durable, easy to use and stable during operation, and provides accurate prints.


Raise3D E2CF

Nozzles with high durability

The new silicon carbide nozzles have excellent wear resistance and thermal conductivity, which will effectively reduce the abrasion to which the carbon fiber composite filament subjects the nozzle during printing, making it more durable.

*Nozzles made from other materials suitable for printing carbon fiber filaments will be launched in the future.

Raise3D E2CF
Raise3D E2CF

Dual Direct Extrusion System

The gears are made of high-hardness steel and have been heat-treated for better wear resistance.
With a customized gear tooth profile, the filament is held firmly in place to ensure that it does not slip during extrusion. The strength of the system is enhanced to ensure stable printing.

Compatible with a variety of carbon fiber composite filaments

The E2CF is compatible with Raise3D’s PA12 CF industrial filament and high-performance carbon fiber filaments certified by the Open Filaments Program, such as PA CF/PET CF/PPS CF (printing temperature between 280-300 °C) from BASF and LEHVOSS.

Raise3D E2CF

Raise3D PA12 CF industrial filament is reinforced with short carbon fibers and has excellent stiffness and strength, heat resistance, low deformation and low water absorption. At the same time, this material has an outstanding strength-to-weight ratio and will achieve improved mechanical properties and dimensional stability after annealing, making it suitable for replacing metal in the production of some lightweight components.

Raise3D E2CF

Raise3D Industrial PA12 CF Support Filament

Raise3D Industrial PA12 CF Support Filament is a “breakaway “support material specially developed for carbon fiber reinforced composite filaments. During the 3D printing process, it creates a stable support structure, providing proper adhesion to printed surfaces and counteracting any tendency to warp.

As such, it greatly improves the surface quality of protrusions and cavities in molded parts. After printing is completed, the support structure can be easily removed or detached from the printed parts. This backing material shows wide compatibility with many Raise3D OFP (Open Filament Program) certified carbon fiber reinforced composite filaments and is more cost-effective than water-soluble backing materials.

Dry Box Sealed

Integrated suspension housings are used to position the filament and allow the material to be loaded more easily. When closed, they can effectively prevent dust and moisture from affecting the material for up to 30 days*.

*from tests conducted by Raise3D.

Raise3D E2CF
Raise3D E2CF

Slicing Profiles from ideaMaker

The E2CF has slicing profiles that have been repeatedly tested and verified by our engineers in ideaMaker. It is not necessary to adjust the parameters before printing. Enjoy easy, high-quality printing. Like other Raise3D products, E2CF can realize massive productions with intelligent management, using ideaMaker as the basic software solution.



Carbon fiber composite materials have many applications, including functional prototypes, aerospace, automotive, medicine, sports equipment, civil engineering, electronics and other fields. It also has further potential for a variety of uses, such as machine shop equipment, prosthetics and custom bicycle frames.

Raise3D E2CFMedicine
High strength, lightweight, heat resistant
Raise3D E2CFAutomotive
Abrasion-resistant, lightweight, rustproof
Raise3D E2CFIndustry
Rugged, drop-resistant, with special matte surface finish
Raise3D E2CFAerospace
Resistant to abrasion, corrosion and electrostatic charge


Raise3D E2CF

High quality and easy to use
Professional 3D printers, such as the E2CF, are quality intuitive printers designed with features that ensure the best possible printing results. For example, the E2CF has a flexible print bed, which allows 3D printed parts to be easily detached, minimizing potential damage to the part during removal. These are features that help make E2CF an easy-to-use beginner 3D printer for those who wish to gain experience in professional 3D printing.

Automatic Floor Leveling
Platen leveling is the process that confirms that the printing platform is as level as possible. On the E2CF this procedure is automated. Automatic plane leveling will maintain the distance between the nozzles and the plane to create an even printing area. This improves adhesion to the plane and allows the extruder to adapt to even the smallest changes in surface contour for better final print quality.


Raise3D E2CF
Raise3D E2CF

The E2CF uses a camera to monitor the entire 3D printing process. This camera works by connecting to RaiseCloud, allowing users to keep track of every print job remotely and on the go. This ability to control the 3D printing process provides peace of mind.



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