Raise 3D E2

Raise 3D E2

An easy-to-use desktop 3D printer ready to improve accuracy standards, scale up production, and add a powerful new manufacturing resource.

Mepa Product Code – 3DCUT038

Product Code Mepa Offer 2 Pieces – 3DCUT039

2.990,00  + IVA

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Raise3D E2

Accurate, reliable and affordable

3DCUT - Raise 3D E2
3DCUT - Raise 3D E2

IDEX (Independent Dual Extruders) – Multiple Prints Simultaneously

Mirror Mode

It simultaneously produces 3D models and their inverse, increasing productivity and reducing printing time.


Duplication Mode

It uses both extruders in synchronized printing, doubling production capabilities.



Automatic Floor Leveling

Confirms that the printing plane is level whenever preparing to print. ABL maintains the distance between the nozzles and the plane, creating a uniform printing area. It improves platen adhesion and print quality by allowing the extruder to adapt to even small changes in surface contour.

3DCUT - Raise 3D E2


First Offset Calibration System
Video-Assisted Sector

Spend less time calibrating and more time printing.


3DCUT - Raise 3D E2


Large Print Volume


3DCUT - Raise 3D E2

Up to
330×240×240 mm

  • Large print volume for larger prints
  • More possibilities in design



Security Features

Opening a door is automatically detected, immediately pausing printing and keeping users safe.

3DCUT - Raise 3D E2

Energy Saving Button

Turn off RaiseTouch and LED lights to save energy and print all night.





Flexible Printing Plan

Easily remove prints from the flexible platen while minimizing potential damage to quickly return to printing.




Continuous Workflow, Maximum Connectivity

NXP ARM Cortex-A9 Quad 1GHz


Compatible with a wide range of filaments up to 300°C

PLA / ABS / HIPS / PC / TPU / TPE / NYLON / PETG / ASA / PP / PVA / Glass Fiber Infused / Carbon Fiber Infused / Metal Fill / Wood Fill

3DCUT - Raise 3D E2

Intuitive User Experience

Visual Interface / Quick Review / Visual Print Progress / Option Control Plan


3DCUT - Raise 3D E2
Touch screen 7” | Integrated settings control | On-screen assistance | Visual model selection




Sudden power outages will no longer ruin a print.
Recovery after interruption allows users to print without problems.

– Automatically stores the progress of the activity before the interruption.
– It smoothly resumes the most recent activity after power is restored.

Reliable and accurate optical sensors automatically pause printing when the printer has run out of filament.

-When the filament runs out, a red light flashes and printing is paused. Then the user simply needs to insert the filament and press “resume.”
– All types of filaments can be detected, regardless of color, material or hardness.


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2.990,00  + IVA