Transparent Resin - XYZPrinting - 2 x 500 ml - Superfine

    Transparent Resin - XYZPrinting - 2 x 500 ml - Superfine

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    XYZprinting has formulated a light-curing resin for high-performance 3D printers, Nobel Superfine. It is able to achieve high precision print quality for components and excellent detail for display samples.

    It is strictly prohibited to heat this product. Photopolymer resins can generate vapors, which can cause discomfort if subjected to high temperatures.
    Store the product in a well-ventilated space out of the reach of children.
    Avoid skin or eye contact with cured resin. In case of accidental contact, immediately rinse the affected area with clean water.
    Uncured resin in the tank may solidify by pouring it into a waste container and exposing it to sunlight before disposal. Do not pour the material directly into the sink.

    Remove the printed object from the print bed and wipe the uncured resin off the surface of the object with alcohol as soon as printing is finished.
    When the alcohol on the surface has evaporated, it is possible to post-dry the object in a UV drying chamber to effectively increase the strength of the object.
    Undried resin left in the resin tank can be stored for the next print. To prevent the resin from degrading due to exposure to other light sources or air, it is advisable to filter the resin and store it in an opaque container. Before the next print, shake the resin well and pour it back into the resin tank.

    Refer to the recommended settings of the XYZprinting UV curing device.
    Power level (POWER): 3
    Curing Time (TIME): 10 (Purple); 7 (Transparent)

    Operating temperature
    20 ~ 30 ° C
    Recommended storage temperature
    10 ~ 32 ° C

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