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Selective laser sintering (SLS) technology has long been the technology of choice for the production of 3D printed parts with strong and durable mechanical properties. MfgPro230 xS offers this capability to all prototyping users at an unprecedented value.

SLS is an ideal solution for the production of functional products with complex geometries. A distinct advantage of the SLS process is that, because it is completely self-supporting, it allows parts to be built within other parts.

Reduce production time, nesting SLS powder-based parts enables maximum efficiency and productivity while keeping printing costs low.
The removable build tray module in MfgPro230 xS allows users to print more efficiently. By removing the build tray, users can clean up prints while placing a new build tray directly into the machine to immediately start a new print. The removable print tray offers a cleaner solution for dust removal and a more efficient printing method.

The MfgPro230 xS' open materials platform makes it an ideal choice for on-demand manufacturers or research institutions. XYZprinting offers a versatile range of materials to ensure you always find the right material to make exterior components or model parts.

Let's discover the materials together:
Polybutylene terephthalate, also known as PBT plastic, is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic within the polyester family of polyesters. Like other polyester materials, PBT polyester is particularly suitable for use in the food industry due to its resistance to chlorine and alkaline cleaning solutions.
PBT polyester material also has high strength, high rigidity, thermoplastic deformation resistance, very high dimensional stability and low creep. In addition, like other polyester materials, PBT polyester also has excellent friction and wear characteristics.
Compared to PET polyester, PBT has higher impact resistance, especially in low temperature environments. Thanks to this feature, PBT is easier to use fiber-reinforced than PET, so it can be used as a fiber-reinforced product.
Compared to PA12 and PA11, PBT has better mechanical properties and much lower moisture absorption, as well as greater heat resistance.
PBT plastic has high strength and rigidity, dimensional stability, low creep, excellent friction and wear resistance, good impact resistance, very low coefficient of thermal expansion, good antacid chemical properties, excellent chlorine and alkali resistance, excellent electrical characteristics, very low water absorption, good adhesion and welding compatibility.
Applications:Cable ties for connectors and insulating shells for electronic use (housings, connectors, e.g. for electronic units), valve assembly, technical components, electronics and varieties of industrial goods, pump body, components for domestic use, automotive interior/exterior, fluid/water pumps, medical/pharmaceutical equipment.

A fireproof material made of PA6, the most widespread technopolymer. It has excellent heat resistance and flame retardant while maintaining the extremely superior strength of PA6.
Flame retardant grade V-2 (0.8-3 mm) / standard UL94V Self-extinguishing = extinguishes when separated from the heat source and excellent rigidity and heat resistance.
Applications: appliances requiring flame resistance, electronic parts, car parts, etc. design verification requiring excellent heat resistance, functional evaluation, verification of the project that requires high confidentiality (air / liquid), functional evaluation.

Produced from recyclable linseed oil raw materials, endowed with excellent impact resistance and softness, suitable for live leg, footwear, sporting goods, papers, activity pants, etc. for industrial use, such as extremely high strength and heat resistance.  PA11 is a more flexible and impact-resistant material than PA12.
The material is excellent toughness and impact resistance, perfectly resistant to cold and of vegetable origin and eco-friendly.

sPro12W (Nylon 12 White)
is a technopolymer with properties suitable for industrial use, such as extremely high strength and heat resistance and a complete material with a particularly excellent durability.

For fast production, sPro12W (Nylon 12 White) is the most commonly used material for the laser sintering process. It can be used to produce robust and durable end-use prototype parts.
Nylon 12 has a wide range of applications as polyamide additives. Nylon 12 is mainly used for packaging material films in the food industry and sterilized films and pouches for use in the pharmaceutical and medical fields. It is also prepared as sheets and sintered powder for coating metals. In the field of electronics it is used to coat cables and insulating material, while in the automotive industry it is used to prepare resistant oil and gasoline.

sProTPU is TPU for selective laser sintering (SLS) 3D printing built to meet industry-specific quality standards.
It features strength, flexibility and tensile strength and offers the advantages of high abrasion resistance, high cut resistance, high elasticity, transparency, as well as oil and grease resistance for various engineering applications.
Thermoplastic polyurethane with excellent flexibility and durability can be used to create soft molds similar to rubber.
In addition, it has a high dust recovery rate, high elasticity and high flexibility and has passed the certification of weather resistance test, UV resistance test and skin contact certification, which opens up new possibilities for applications in the consumables and footwear industry.
High elasticity, shock absorption, fatigue resistance and toughness, smooth surface quality and high definition, excellent water and chemical resistance and high recycling rate, are all characteristics of this material.
It also features tensile strength and offers the advantages of high abrasion resistance, high cut resistance, high elasticity, transparency, as well as oil and grease resistance for various engineering applications.
Industrial pipe and pipe applications , sports protective equipment, shoe soles.

MfgPro230 xS is powered by two advanced software suites, Buildware and XYZprint AM SLS. Buildware allows users to directly perform a model sintering process on the printer; XYZprint AM SLS allows users to remotely schedule sintering projects on the printer and control print files.


Data sheet

230*230*230 mm
Print Speed
20 mm/hour
200 Kg