FlashForge Guider IIS v2 FDM 3D Printer

1.450,00  + IVA

FlashForge Guider IIS v2 FDM 3D Printer

The Flashforge Guider II S 3D printer is a further improvement over the Guider II. In addition to the features of its predecessor, it has a built-in HD camera, an air filter, and a filament sensor.

The most important product features:

  • Quality industrial 3D printing for your desktop
  • Temperatures up to 300°
  • Integrated filament sensor
  • Polar Cloud 3D printing platform supported



FlashForge Guider IIS v2 FDM 3D Printer with high temperature extender is capable of printing up to 300℃, so you can print even more materials!

The FlashForge Guider IIS v2 FDM 3D Printer features additional improvements over the Guider IIs.
In addition to the capabilities of its predecessor, Guider II S V2 has a built-in HD video camera. This enables remote monitoring of the 3D printer. In addition, this additive manufacturing machine has an air filter that reduces unpleasant odors and harmful emissions. FlashForge Guider IIS v2 FDM 3D Printer is a desktop 3D printer with industrial production quality. It has a very large building volume and, at the same time, very high resolution and accuracy. The sturdy structure guaranteed maximum stability when 3D printing designs.

FlashForge Guider IIS v2 FDM 3D Printer guarantees compatibility with many of the major material manufacturers: PLA, ABS, Elastic Filament, Conductive Filament, TPU, TPE, Wood Filament, Metalloid Filament, Carbon Fiber Filament.

The built-in filament sensor detects whether filament is inserted into the 3D printer. If the filament runs out, the 3D printer will receive a message and suspend FlashForge Guider IIS v2 FDM 3D Printer. After inserting a new filament, you can simply continue 3D printing. In addition, the filament sensor allows 3D printing to resume after a power failure.

The online camera allows you to monitor print jobs anywhere, anytime.

Manage your 3D prints from anywhere with the online platform Polar Cloud. Guider IIS comes with Polar Cloud enabled, so you can control the 3D printer from anywhere. All you need is an Internet connection. You can also connect and manage multiple devices at the same time. Cut your CAD models, queue your 3D printing jobs, and use the built-in webcam to check if your 3D printing is working properly!

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