PETG Black - Filament 2.85mm - 750 g

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    Petg filament 2,85 mm reel of 750 gr Black 

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    PrimaSELECT PETG is a new and extremely resistant material, it has a very high impact resistance, good flexibility and practically no shrinkage.

    The Petg is a hydrophobic filament (it does not absorb water) with high gloss.

    High-clarity prints

    Very easy to print

    Extremely strong

    Very small possibility of deformation

    Hydrophobic (does not absorb water)

    Approved by the FDA

    No unpleasant smell during printing


    material: Petg

    Diameter: 2.85 millimeters

    Tolerance: 0.05 millimeters

    Heated Plate: NO

    Printing temperature: 195-235 ° C

    Melting temperature: 245 ° C

    Filament weight: 750 grams

    Coil Size: 200x55 millimeters

    Diamentro Hub: 53 mm

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