Hips 3D Filament

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Hips 3D Filament

Features and properties

  • Impeccable finish
  • Lightweight material
  • Easy to print
  • Easy to glue


Hips Filamento 3D is a quality and professional filament, which allows you to print polystyrene objects, with the same ease as you would have with a PLA or ABS.

HIPS 3D Filament is an impact-resistant polystyrene and differs from a “normal” HIPS in that it is more flexible and softer and has excellent thermal stability: it is easy to print even at relatively low temperatures as it has a lower risk of deformation.

Thanks to Hips 3D Filament, you will be able to print objects with fine details and a pleasant matte finish. The material is very light and a wide variety of adhesives can be easily glued to it.

Polystyrene is an acid-resistant material and thanks to this property polystyrene is one of the most commonly used thermoplastic materials in the world and finds its application, for example, in the food packaging sector.

3D objects printed with Hips 3D Filament have excellent properties: they can be sanded, glued or painted. The finish is matte, but it is possible to achieve a smooth and glossy surface by treating the parts with acetone vapors.

  • Printing temperature: ± 235° C
  • It does not require a heated bed, but if used, we recommend a temperature between 90 and 110°C

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