3DLINE Zeus P120 FDM 3D printer

    3DLINE Zeus P120 FDM 3D printer

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    Zeus 3DL P120

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    Zeus 3DL P120, 3D printer with FDM (fused depositation modeling) technology that mixes the mechanical strength typical of made in Italy with an extraordinary lightness and fluidity of movement. Zeus 3DL, thanks to a wide choice of materials that it is able to model, will allow you to give life to your prototypes or real series pieces.

    Dual Extruder
    Thanks to innovative printing materials available to Zeus 3DL and to an efficient extruder unit, it is possible to manage 2 printing materials for the creation of water-soluble or soluble supports in specific solutions. Removing supports will no longer be a problem!

    Automated Head Cleaning
    Retractable brush for automatic head cleaning during printing.

    Hotend 400 liquid cooled
    Innovative and performing cooling system of the extruder unit that ensures better temperature control and greater reliability in long-lasting prints, benefits the print quality and reduces wear on the extruder unit.

    Able to reach 400 ° for printing the most technical materials.

    Quick nozzle change
    Ease of use is the basis of a pleasant printing experience, so thanks to the quick nozzle change system with Zeus 3DL you can interchange the print heads in just a few seconds. Wide range of nozzles for maximum customization of printing strategies

    Freezing Mode
    Thanks to the precision spout and the revolutionary compressed air cooling system, it prints the PLA at maximum definition.

    Soft Touch reset
    Plate calibration has always been a fundamental element for quality printing. With Zeus 3DL, thanks to the innovative soft touch system, the zeroing of any head will no longer be a problem. The head, touching the surface on a special magnetic strip, obtains the 0 point in a precise and immediate way.

    EFA- End Filament Alert
    End of filament sensor. when the material is exhausted, the machine goes to the pause position waiting for the new material load

    Solid precision mechanics
    Zeus 3DL is equipped with solid and precision mechanics that combines printing speed above the standard of FDM technology with unmatched dimensional accuracy and surface finish. To make this possible, solid mechanics, free from vibrations, have been combined with the precision of sliding on ball recirculating guides.

    Internal heating kit
    The special heating KIT, releasing heat during printing, facilitates and optimizes the printing of ABS, PC-ABS, HIPS, ASA, PBT. Expand the range of technical materials to be printed!

    Internal insulation
    Internally insulated machine for better thermal and acoustic insulation. Zeus 3DL is proposed as a professional 3D printer for the workshop but also for the office thanks to its very low acoustic impact and ease of use.

    Material loading and unloading compartment.
    Simple, clean and professional line with internal compartment for material loading and unloading.

    Safety and compliance with regulations

    Emergency button for an immediate stop of the machine on any occasion in compliance with current regulations

    Touch screen control display
    Simple, intuitive graphic control interface and touch screen for direct control of the machine.

    32Bit electronics
    Latest generation electronics to make the most of the machine's production capacity.

    To expand the connectivity of your 3D printer.

    Intelligent system capable of preserving prints in the event of a power failure. Thanks to a flash memory, it creates a restore point at the time of a power failure in order to resume printing and printing at any time.

    Powerful professional 3D printing software. It is able to optimize printing strategies automatically without limiting the infinite paths offered by FDM technology. Thanks to the profile specially developed for Zeus 3DL, you can make the most of the machine's potential.

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    Workable Area
    400x400 h:400
    Print speed
    450 mm/s
    Print precision
    0,04 mm
    Filament diameter
    1,75 mm
    Nozzle diameter
    0,30/0,40 (in)/0,50/0,80/1 mm
    Double extruder
    Extruder temperature
    Floor temperature
    Simplify 3D opzionale
    Supported drawing format
    40 Kg

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