Flashforge Creator 3 FDM 3D printer Double extruder Idex system

    Flashforge Creator 3 FDM 3D printer Double extruder Idex system

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    FlashForge Creator 3

    Flashforge Creator3 is a huge step forward in FDM 3D printers, featuring dual independent extruders with high speeds and a wide range of compatible materials. The extruder offers fewer material limits, now reaching temperatures up to 300 ° C! This means that users can print PLA, ABS, PETG, Nylon, and more. The build plate is flexible and easy to remove, taking the stress out of removing even the most delicate projects. Creator3 also offers compatibility with an online platform, 3D Cloud, where users can easily upload, store and manage their 3D files. You can also connect to Flashforge Creator3 in various ways, including USB, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet.

    We do not ship this printer to Germany!

    Double independent extruders

    Bi-material and bi-color printing can completely re-imagine the possibilities of producing patterns and designs: increase productivity, facilitate the process of removing the backing and create one-of-a-kind pieces all with precision and perfect surface quality.

    Removable and flexible build plate

    Removing the print from the bed can be a difficult and fragile process, but thanks to the flexible and removable build plate with Flashforge Creator3 there is no difficulty in removing the print

    Large build volume of: 300 x 250 x 200mm

    Integrated HD camera

    Take advantage of remote monitoring to check your prints with the built-in real-time camera. Check the status anytime from anywhere and handle any issues in time before it's too late.


    3D cloud platform

    The Cloud platform is a revolutionary batch management system, backup and sharing method, slicer and community database in one. Also works as a free template database!

    Filament test

    Automatically stop printing if the filament feed test is abnormal, this ensures a higher printing success rate

    Multiple ways of connectivity

    Creator3 supports USB, Wi-Fi, Ethernet and 3D cloud for convenient and efficient access

    Explore beyond material limitations

    The hot-end is capable of reaching up to 300 ° C, which means a wide range of printing materials have been opened, including technical grade PETG and nylon.

    9 Elemek


    Workable Area
    300 x 250 x 200 mm
    Print speed
    10-150 mm/s
    Print precision
    0.05-0.4 mm
    Filament diameter
    1,75 mm
    Nozzle diameter
    0,4 mm
    Double extruder
    Extruder temperature
    Floor temperature
    Flashprint / Simplify3D / Slic3r / Cura
    Supported drawing format
    33mf / stl / obj / fpp / bmp / png jpg / jpeg files
    40 kg

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