FlashForge Hunter DLP Printer

    FlashForge Hunter DLP Printer

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    Flashforge Hunter is a Digital Light Processing (DLP) 3D printer, which allows users to print 3D objects in extremely detailed fashion. Hunter uses DLP photopolymer resin for additive manufacturing. Make high quality detailed components with good surfaces. Because DLP 3D printers process an entire layer of a 3D model at the same time, the production time is less than SLA 3D printing jobs. Flashforge Hunter operates at high production speed and achieves excellent detail. Equipped with a touch screen to give input

    Flashforge Hunter's DLP 3D printer is compatible with third party DLP resins. You now have more flexibility to try out different types of resin. Use castable resin, hard resin, biocompatible resin and other high-tech photopolymers for additive manufacturing. Therefore, the Hunter DLP 3D printer is your choice if you want to 3D print highly detailed engineering prototypes, castable ring models, or even make medical models. Make parts with long life and beautiful surfaces.

    Flashforge Hunter's DLP 3D printer uses a self-developed Full HD 1080p resolution lighting engine. This ensures more stable LED intensity and better 3D printing quality. Hunter DLP adopts the self-developed Flashforges lightweight engine. The light projector is adjusted to a particular wavelength (405nm LED) for 3D printing. The optimized curing wavelength is better suited to the DLP 3D printing process. Profit from improved additive manufacturing quality.

    The industrial grade Z axis linear guide actuator module enables accuracy down to 20 microns. Get a smoother 3D printing surface.

    The notched build plate can be replaced quickly and no calibration is required. This means faster 3D printing speed and easier post treatment. The build plate is very solid.

    The motherboard with advanced architecture and the self-developed proprietary lightweight motor work perfectly. The 800 MHz dual-core ARM processor ensures high performance and better user experience. The motherboard is designed and manufactured in a high precision 10-layer board, safeguarding the EMC, integrity and stability of the projection signal.

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    Digital Light Processing
    Workable Area
    120 × 67,5 × 150 mm
    Print speed
    40 mm/sec
    Print precision
    Z: 25/50 micron (0,025 / 0,05 mm) | XY: 62,5 micron (0,0625 mm)
    Supported drawing format
    17.8 kg
    100-240 V, 50-60 Hz, 1 A

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