Wanhao D8 Resin DLP LCD Printer

    Wanhao D8 Resin DLP LCD Printer

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    Wanhao Duplicator D8

    With this printer you can make precise, high resolution 3D prints. This unique additive manufacturing machine allows you to perform advanced manufacturing quality with DLP resins. It is perfect for beginners, educators and users who need quality, precise and stable production quality.

    The D8 has a wide range of users and use cases. Due to the fact that there are still so many resins on the market. Different resins can be used to change tasks and challenges. The resin market is developing so rapidly that the scope of DLP 3D printers is growing rapidly. The following users can work with Wanhao Duplicator D8.
    Manufacturers / hobbyists
    Teachers, educators and trainers
    Designers and architects
    Draftsmen and engineers
    Dentists and dental technicians
    The cumbersome transfer of 3D models to your 3D printer via Micro-SD or USB stick is now a thing of the past. Use your browser and drag and drop your 3D models wirelessly onto the Wanhao Duplicator D8. If you wish, you can still use your USB stick to transfer your CAD data. This gives you more freedom of choice.
    After dragging the CAD data onto the D8, you can cut the files directly to the 3D printer. This makes the printer very convenient and easy.
    Simply select settings and control the additive manufacturing process via the large touchscreen display. You can look at the production status and change the settings if you want. Be able to have easy surveillance and full control of your Wanhao Duplicator D8.
    Extrusion system and bending system DLP UV lamp 405 nm


    1 Elem


    Workable Area
    190 x 120 x 180 mm
    Print speed
    30 mm/h
    Print precision
    Z: 0,035 mm, XY: 0,075 mm
    Wanhao Slicer
    Supported drawing format
    22 kg
    Inside 110 AND 250V (auto Switch), 50/60Hz, 4.0A (input)

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