XYZPrinting Nobel Superfine DLP Resin Printer

    XYZPrinting Nobel Superfine DLP Resin Printer

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    Beautifully precise, surprisingly productive.
    Print the details. The Nobel Superfine is a high-resolution 3D printer based on DLP technology, designed to print intricate features with utmost precision.
    Quick and accurate
    Thanks to DLP technology, you can always print quickly and accurately. Nobel Superfine prints all the details of a layer at the same time, allowing you to print multiple objects with complex details efficiently.
    Push boundaries with multiple material options
    Nobel Superfine is compatible with a wide range of resin materials, including acrylic, castable and biomedical resin. With these options, you can experiment, explore and produce the best possible results.
    Get started with more convenience.
    To make the printing process more practical, XYZware Nobel allows you to prepare and send prints wirelessly, as well as automatically generate structural supports, ensuring optimal support of each overhang during the construction phase.
    Compatibility of materials

    Standard Resin (Purple, Clear, Gray) / Castable Resin / Rigid Resin / Heat Resistant Resin

    1 Elem


    Workable Area
    64 x 40 x 120 mm
    Print precision
    50 micron
    XYZware Nobel
    Supported drawing format
    stl, XYZ (.3ws, .3wn)
    11 kg
    100V ~ 240V 60W

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