Gray Resin - Wanhao UV Resin - 1 Liter

    Gray Resin - Wanhao UV Resin - 1 Liter

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    Wanhao Gray Resin 1 Liter

    Wanhao UV-DLP resin is particularly suitable for processing on LED DLP and UV 3D printers. Printers cure (solidify resin by chemical reaction) liquid resin by UV light with a wavelength of 405 nanometers .

    The resin is owned by Wanhao and consequently calibrated to optimize printing using them, but this does not exclude the use with other resin printers

    For best 3D printing results, clean your items in an isopropyl alcohol bath after the finished 3D printing. Leave the parts in the isopropyl alcohol for about 10 minutes.

    Technical details:
    Wavelength 405 NM
    Time to solidify 8-16s
    Viscosity (25 degrees) 120-140 mPa.s
    Density (25 degrees) 1.12g / cm3
    500 ml format
    Depth of Polymerization 0.1 mm
    Storage temperature 8-28 °
    Expiry date 12 Months
    Hardness (horizontal) 79.2
    Flexural strength (horizontal direction) 8.43 Mpa
    Tensile strength (horizontal direction) 21.4 Mpa
    Hardness (vertical direction) 73.5
    Flexural strength (vertical direction) 5.57 Mpa
    Tensile strength (vertical direction) 15.2 Mpa
    Solid content 65.0% -66.0% (test temperature: 105 ° C)
    Molecular weight 1000-30.000
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