Zortrax Z-GLASS Filament - 1.75mm - 800g - Transparent

    Zortrax Z-GLASS Filament - 1.75mm - 800g - Transparent

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    Zortrax Z-GLASS Transparent

    Z-GLASS is a translucent and durable material for 3D printing translucent components and objects with your Zortrax M200, M200 Plus or M300 3D printer. The Z-GLASS filament is also highly resistant to scratches, UV rays and chemicals. Due to its material properties, Z-GLASS is ideal for designers, developers and industrial applications.

    Properties of materials:
    Semi-transparent and durable filament for the Zortrax M series
    Resistant to scratches, UV light and chemicals
    Enables additive manufacturing of high quality components with smooth surfaces
    High density for a precious feeling
    Ideal for designers, developers and industrial applications
    Low tendency to warp - Distortion of the material
    Based on PETG (80%)
    8-12% Glass fiber and 0-8% additives
    Material for additive manufacturing of prototypes and components resistant to UV rays, chemicals and scratches
    It uses translucent Z-GLASS filament for additive manufacturing of prototypes, test objects and components for end users. 3D print resistant and durable objects with this material. This material is resistant to scratches, UV rays and chemicals. Work Z-GLASS easily and without deformation as it has a very low tendency to shrink.

    Z-GLASS - PETG-based filament with glass fibers and additives
    Z-GLASS is a PETG-based filament. Contains glass fibers and additives. With it you can 3D print beautifully transparent, translucent and durable prototypes and components. It is ideal for additive manufacturing of automotive parts, industrial prototypes and outdoor components.

    Filament resistant to salts, acids, alkalis and solvents
    Buy Z-GLASS for your Zortrax 3D printer and you will get a filament that is durable against salts, acids, alkalis and other solvents. This material is perfect for easy 3D printing of durable components. Additive manufacturing for complex and advanced applications begins now.

    Additional material properties
    Resistant to scratches, UV light and chemicals
    Low post-shrinkage and tendency to deform
    Composition: PETG (glycol modified polyethylene terephthalate)
    PETG (glycol modified polyethylene terephthalate) - 80%
    Fiberglass fillings - 8 ~ 12%
    Additives and dyes - 0 ~ 8%
    Translucent conceptual models
    Transparent parts
    Industrial prototypes
    Automotive parts
    Models that imitate glass
    Decorative accessory
    Parts tested externally


    Filament diameter
    1,75 mm
    800 gr

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