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Smart, fast, industrial

Layerloop is the world’s first 3D a printer capable of mass-producing objects that integrate RFID or NFC tags inside, through a proprietary and patented print head.

Part of the technological focus of this system has been directed toward converting 3D printing to a desktop system of small batch production in a wide range of polymers and engineering plastics, up to carbon fiber composites.


With Layerloop, you can say goodbye to large printers for industrial-level 3D part production. Layerloop 200, in fact, has a print volume of 200x180x infinite and is capable of printing pieces of infinite size. With Layerloop you can achieve desktop-sized industrial production by printing in unmanned series.

Layerloop 200 is designed to produce in a continuous cycle thanks to its 30-degree tilted printing axis and removable heated bench with carbon fiber mat, which acts as a printing bench, thus enabling 24/7 production.

Layerloop’s extruder can reach extrusion temperatures up to 300°. No head calibration is required at each print startup, and it is easy to replace and set up thanks to its magnetic system.

Produce your prototypes, parts or finished products with ultra-strong and elastic materials. You can choose the most suitable material for your industrial 3D production from the more than 12 materials available for printing: from simple and practical PLA to end up with strong and flexible materials such as LAYRBON (carbon + nylon) or LAYFLEX (TPU) perfect for rubber printing.

Layerloop 200 is the first 3D printer capable of making Smart Objects, thanks to the print head that automatically includes RFID/NFC tags inside each 3D printed object.

Its innovative features have made it eligible for Industry 4.0 tax breaks.

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