Magigoo Pro HT Adhesive 50 ml

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Magigoo Pro HT Adhesive 50 ml was developed for professional use at high temperatures. Removal of the part, after cooling, is relatively simple. This also applies to the removal of adhesive residue.


Magigoo Pro HT Adhesive 50 ml is designed for professional use to work at high printing temperatures.
The part should be relatively easy to remove when it cools, and glue residue should also be easily removed.

High-temperature materials such as PEEK are advanced engineering thermoplastics that offer better mechanical and chemical stability at elevated temperatures than normal thermoplastics. Other materials include PEEK, Ultem and PPSU and their carbon fiber/glass reinforced counterparts. Because of their high temperature and other outstanding properties, these materials are highly sought after in high-temperature, high-performance engineering applications such as in the automotive and aerospace industries. In addition, this material is also sought after in chemical, petrochemical, medical and research applications.

High-temperature filaments prove to be difficult materials for FDM printing because of their greater tendency to shrink. These materials are generally printed at high temperatures because of their properties. Magigoo Pro HT Adhesive 50 ml is a specialized solution for FDM printing of PEEK filaments that was developed to work under these conditions.

Magigoo Pro HT Adhesive 50 ml is designed and tested to work on printing planes at temperatures of 150 °C or lower.

  • Shake the bottle
  • Apply to the desired area by pressing the tip onto the plane (activating the internal valve) and spreading as needed.
  • Print according to the specifications of the filament or printer
  • Allow to cool and remove. The press should immediately come off.
  • Wipe – Use a damp cloth to clean.

Using this product with filaments other than PEEK could cause excessive adhesion and damage the printing surface. For best results, follow the directions in the data sheet.
For larger prints, a 20mm brim is recommended.

Magigoo Pro HT Adhesive 50 ml is designed for glass surfaces, but also works on high temperature garolite and other printing surfaces.

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