Magigoo Pro Metal Adhesive 50 ml

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Magigoo Pro Metal Adhesive 50 ml
was developed for professional use and can be used with BASF Ultrafuse® 316L filaments. Magigoo Metal is harmless, nonflammable and approved for use in the post-processing stages of BASF Ultrafuse® 316L. Magigoo Metal also allows models to be easily removed from the construction panel.


Magigoo Pro Metal Adhesive 50 ml is a professional adhesive designed for first layer adhesion of BASF Ultrafuse® 316L material. Magigoo Pro Metal is non-hazardous, non-flammable and is also approved for use in the post-processing stages of BASF Ultrafuse® 316L. Magigoo Metal also allows easy removal of “green parts” from the printing table.

BASF Ultrafuse 316L enables the production of solid 316L stainless steel parts using desktop FDM 3D printers and a sintering process. Ultrafuse® 316L filament consists of highly refined metal particles embedded in thermoplastic binders. Therefore, like a filament, the metal-polymer composite poses none of the occupational and safety risks associated with handling fine metal powders. This enables economical, simple and safe 3D printing of stainless steel parts.

Due to the thermoplastic nature of the binder materials in the filament and thermal cooling during FDM printing, parts printed with BASF Ultrafuse® 316L are susceptible to shrinkage. In addition, due to the delicate nature of the “green part,” care must be taken when removing molded parts made of BASF Ultrafuse® 316L to avoid deformation.

Magigoo Pro Metal Adhesive 50 ml provides secure and reliable adhesion during printing and allows easy removal of the printed part by soaking in water, thus avoiding potential damage to the “green part.”

For the use of Magigoo Pro Metal Adhesive 50 ml with BASF Ultrafuse® 316L, a print bed temperature of 95-105 °C is recommended, but printing conditions may vary between printers.

  • Shake the bottle
  • Apply to the desired area by pressing the tip onto the plane (activating the internal valve) and spreading as needed.
  • Print according to the specifications of the filament or printer
  • After the press. Immerse the entire printing plate in water, or just the entire printed piece. After a short period of time, usually 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the size, the piece should come off on its own or at any rate will be easy to remove with gentle rotation.
  • Wipe – Use a damp cloth to clean.

Use of this product with filaments other than BASF Ultrafuse 316L could cause excessive adhesion and damage the printing surface. Follow the instructions found in the data sheet for best results.

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