Magigoo Pro PC Adhesive 50 ml

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Magigoo Pro PC Adhesive 50 ml was made exclusively for application with polycarbonate filament. This professional-use glue makes prints adhere firmly when the print bed is hot, and the part is easy to remove after cooling. This unique and innovative mechanism means that no tools are needed to remove prints from the bed.


Magigoo Pro PC Adhesive 50 ml is designed to work exclusively with Polycarbonate filaments. This professional-use adhesive ensures that prints adhere to the heated printing surface, and are easy to remove once cooled. This unique and innovative mechanism requires no tools to remove prints. They come off when the plane cools.

Why Magigoo Pro PC Adhesive 50 ml:

The hardness and toughness of PC make it an ideal FDM material for the production of functional prototypes and final parts, however, the material has some critical issues during printing. PC has a high glass transition temperature (Tg) and thus can be used in high-temperature applications.

However, having a high Tg can make printing with desktop printers very difficult, as they usually cannot meet the high print temperatures required to print PC. In fact, virgin PC tends to deform considerably when printed at insufficient platen temperature (<130 ºC), in closed unheated chambers without the use of an appropriate adhesive.

Magigoo Pro PC Adhesive 50 ml can be used on glass or a multitude of other surfaces. It is recommended for use on other plastic-based surfaces, including adhesive sheets, to ensure strong adhesion and prevent the part from fusing with the sheet.

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