Magigoo PRO PPGF Adhesive 50 ml

22,00  + IVA

Magigoo PRO PPGF Adhesive 50 ml is made exclusively for use with glass fiber reinforced polypropylene (GFPP) filaments. This glue ensures adhesion of prints when the printing surface is hot, allowing easy removal of the piece after cooling.


Magigoo PRO PPGF Adhesive 50 ml is designed to work exclusively with Polypropylene and Glass Fiber filaments. This professional-use adhesive ensures that prints adhere to the heated printing surface, and are easy to remove once cooled. This unique and innovative mechanism requires no tools to remove prints. They come off when the plane cools.

MAGIGOO® – Polypropylene with Glass Fibers, acts as a thermally activated interfacial layer, enabling better interactions, even at the molecular level, between the printing plane and the printing materials. It is generally recommended to print according to the printing temperatures recommended by the filament supplier. Printing conditions vary between printers.

To find the best temperature, one could start with the recommended minimum settings and increase the temperature of the plane in 5°C increments. This should be done with standard test prints.

An additional advantage of Magigoo PRO PPGF Adhesive 50 ml, being thermally activated, is that it will release the print after cooling. Again, different printers, print surfaces, or filaments will have slightly different release conditions but, in general, a temperature reduction of 30-40 °C will be sufficient to remove prints effortlessly.

Better and more reliable performance is achieved by applying a thin layer. This means that cleaning and reapplying between two prints is especially recommended on longer or difficult-to-print prints with some materials.

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