GP010 CNC Pantograph

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GP010 CNC Pantograph

Pantographs and laser cutting and engraving machines – Design, production and sales



GP010 CNC Pantograph

Benchtop pantograph with interpolated axes
The models of the GP010 series are benchtop pantographs with 3 interpolated axes, with fourth axis
Integrable, suitable for all two- and three-dimensional machining.
Suitable for all the processes of the new technological craftsmanship, prototyping and
series production.
They are suitable for cutting, engraving and processing even complex objects.
We start with standard versions that can be customized with numerous
The complete design and production carried out in-house, with the best
design software, allows us to meet the most diverse needs and

GP010 CNC Pantograph
GP010 CNC Pantograph

GP010 CNC pantograph can mill on Resins, Plastic Materials, Copper, Aluminum, Brass, Woods, Vetronite / PCB and/or Carbon

-Constructed of steel, laser cut and bent with CNC systems of
-High-strength powder coating.
-20 mm prismatic guides and HIWIN or NITEK recirculating ball sliders
-X-Y-Z axis ball recirculating movement screws .
-4A SANYO DENKY stepper motors.
– Height-adjustable spindle support to compensate for the length
tool in deep milling.
– Grooved aluminium top for fixing workpiece clamping brackets.
– Complete with axis limit switches and homing, emergency buttons on the front of the machine and
electronic box.
– High frequency spindles with TEKNOMOTOR manual tool changer or with
automatic tool changer ATC ELTE
– Controller/PC communication with USB or Ethernet port
– Electronic control boards of our production with integrated drivers or

GP010 CNC Pantograph
GP010 CNC Pantograph

CNC Control
UCCNC , this is the control software we have chosen to control our
machines in collaboration with CNCDRIVE. Powerful and reliable we modeled it
to our needs, with a new user interface and the creation of functions
all accompanied by extensive documentation in Italian.
The language is the GCODE standard, and the tool path can be generated with
any CAM software

Available Configurations
– Fourth axle
– High side shoulders for increased height of
transition between machine floor and bridge passage
– Spindles with automatic tool changer
– Motors with encoder
– Z-axis long stroke
– Chip containment tank
– Protective box
– Electro-welded steel support benches
– Tool lubrication nebulizer
– Chip extraction

The electronic control part, a fundamental part of the system, is part of the
of our creations and also used for the handling of
machines produced by other manufacturers.
Characterized by great reliability and stability against external disturbances, it can
can also be used for processes that require a large number of
hours of continuous use.
For the spindle control we have chosen TOSHIBA© inverters,
controlled directly from the interface circuit.
The whole thing is enclosed by a sturdy powder-coated steel cabinet and
The connection to the machine is made with connectors that allow it to be
Ease of installation.

CNC pantograph GP010 - MILLING
CNC pantograph GP010 – MILLING

All standard versions with stepper motors have the electronic part already
prepared with the driver for the fourth axis.
Control Electronics General Features
Steel Structure
Feeds Ball screws XY -20 pitch 10
Z-12 step 4
Slides Prismatic guides 20 mm
Work surface Aluminum profiles with slots for
13 mm inserts
UCCNC Numerical Control
Motorization Axes Motors Stepper Motors
GP protoCNC user interface
ASPIRE ( optional )
Axis and spindle overfeed 0 to 300 %
Electro spindle High frequency 18000 rpm
Spindle power 0.75 – 1.5 – 2.2 Kw
Power supply 230V 50 Hz