GP070 CNC Pantograph

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GP070 CNC Pantograph

Pantographs and laser cutting and engraving machines – Design, production and sales



GP070 CNC Pantograph

All our pantographs have been designed by us and are built in our workshop in Crespellano with artisan care. Even the electronic boards that we mount (or that we can sell to you as an accessory) have been designed and assembled by us. So you can rest assured that you are buying an ITALIAN, tested product, and that you can receive assistance on it, in case of need, because we know how it is made.
The material from which they are built is steel, laser cut and bent with precision CNC systems.
Painting is carried out with high-resistance powders.
The GP070 series is equipped with 15mm prismatic guides and recirculating ball sliders.
The movement screws of the X-Y–Z axes are ball screws.
The motors that are inserted are 4A steppers, control electronics of our production.
Our CNC pantographs are supported by a height-adjustable spindle to compensate for the tool length in deep milling.
The top is made of grooved aluminium for fixing workpiece clamps.
They are complete with axis limit switches and homing, emergency buttons on the front of the machine.

The accessories they can be equipped with are the following:
High frequency power tool available powers 550 / 750 / 1500 W
4th rotary axis
Tool change setting
3D probe
Spray lubricator
Vacuum table

CNC pantograph-milling cutter

GP CNC Electronic Box GP070 CNC Pantograph
The materials that can be processed with a GP070 CNC pantograph can be: resins, plastic materials, aluminum, brass, wood, vetronite/PCB, carbon, etc.
We can then make customizations on request.
And if you want to see for yourself, by appointment, you can come and visit us at our headquarters to see our machines, get to know us, talk about your business and your needs and even make demonstrations of working with your materials! Contact us:

CNC Pantograph GP070 CNC Software
These KITs are sample configurations of possible combinations that we can make, the machines are fully assembled and tested.
KIT GP070 USB 0.75 Machining area 330 x 500 x 140