PP Polypropylene Filament3D

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PP Polypropylene Filament3D is a semi-rigid and very lightweight material. PP is often used in storage and packaging applications. Get this thermoplastic commonly used as 3D printer filament now.

The material properties of PP Polypropylene Filament3D:

  • Suitable for dishwasher and microwave
  • Excellent adhesion of individual layers
  • Approved for food contact by the FDA
  • High resistance to chemicals – Resistant to fatigue


PP Polypropylene Filament3D

PP Polypropylene Filament3D (better known as MOPLEN) pure, retaining up to 95 percent of the characteristics of an injection molded part. It possesses high mechanical strength and toughness, wear resistance, chemical resistance. POLYPROPYLENE in general turns out to have high mechanical strength and exceptional hardness. It turns out to be very resistant to wear and tear by rubbing and contact. It is resistant to chemicals.

LIGHTWEIGHT POLYPROPYLENE PP-HGS25 combines all the mechanical properties of POLYPROPYLENE in an extremely lightweight material, which makes it very suitable for applications such as automotive, drones, nautical floating applications, wear-resistant applications, weathering and even very aggressive chemical attacks. Hydraulics mechanics electromechanics robotics.

With Softening Temperature as high as 154 °C and a tension modulus of 605 Mpa with a tensile/breakage strength of 25 percent make it a very strong filament indeed for use with elements intended to have excellent strength and thermal/mechanical qualities.

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