PPS 3D Filament

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PPS 3D Filament is a high-performance semicrystalline thermoplastic material with excellent mechanical properties (deformation strength, stiffness, and strength) and excellent thermal and chemical resistance, often leading it to be the best alternative to metals or thermosets.

It is an ultra-performance filament that approaches as mechanical and metal-tactile. It fits most commercial printers that adopt FFF and FDM technology.

3Dcut offers this filament produced directly in Italy with ISO75 and ISO 1183 certifications loaded with two fibers, carbon or glass, about 15 to 25 percent, a 0.6 mm nozzle is recommended.


PPS 3D Filament

Welcome to our online store dedicated to PPS filaments for 3D printing, available in both glass-filled and carbon fiber-filled versions. PPS (Polyphenylene Sulfide) is a high-quality thermoplastic material known for its outstanding thermal, chemical and mechanical properties. Our range of PPS filaments is designed to meet the needs of experienced 3D printers and professionals seeking superior performance.

In the glass-filled version, 3D Filament PPS offers greater thermal stability and superior chemical resistance, ideal for applications where exceptional durability is required. On the other hand, the carbon fiber-filled PPS filament combines the thermal resistance of PPS with the lightness and stiffness of carbon, making it perfect for light and strong parts.

Whether you are working on industrial, aerospace or automotive projects, our PPS filaments are the ideal choice. We guarantee high quality filaments, reliable performance and excellent customer service. Choose the right PPS Filament 3D filament for you and take your 3D printing to the next level with our first-class products. Buy now and discover the potential of PPS for your 3D printing applications

PPS 3D Filament is an Italian production of the company Treed Filaments.

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