Raise3D MetalFuse

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Raise3D Metalfuse Set

Raise3D Forge1 / 3D Printer
Raise3D D200-E / Debinder
Raise3D S200-C / Sintering furnace



Raise 3D Metalfuse Makes Cost-Effective Metal 3D Printing Possible

Metalfuse offers a complete solution, consisting of an indirect metal 3D printing process combined with a special edition of ideaMaker compatible with MIM equipment. With this solution, Metalfuse’s advantages include low overhead costs and the ability to run batch production. Metalfuse saves more energy and is more environmentally friendly than processes such as CNC and SLM (Selective Laser Melting).



New technology, a leap in efficiency

MetalFuse uses the catalytic debinding process, which results in a 60 percent reduction in machining time and an increase in part density to 97 percent of the density of wrought iron.



High-end metal filament from BASF

By using BASF Forward AM’s Ultrafuse 316L and Ultrafuse 17-4 PH metal filaments, Metalfuse is able to offer improved print repeatability and higher yield rates.



Adopt a time-tested process

The catalytic debinding furnace (D200-E) and sintering furnace (S200-C) are used for post-processing of “green parts,” similar to the process developed based on BASF’s know-how from metal injection molding (MIM).



Specialized slicing software

A special edition of ideaMaker offers templates optimized for this type of printing, taking into account the sintering and debinding process that can be combined with Metalfuse. This special edition of ideaMaker also features a simpler slicing process.



Touch screen

A visual interface that requires only one click to select a template and keeps the stored work history available for review.




Filters that clean exhaust gases, bringing them up to safe levels and reducing pollution.