Wanhao Duplicator 10 FDM 3D Printer

    Wanhao Duplicator 10 FDM 3D Printer

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    Wanhao Duplicator 10

    Wanhao Duplicator D10 3D Printer - Affordable, easy and safe 3D printer for kids, students and beginners.
    Are you looking for a cheap and simple 3D printer for your kids or students? Then the Wanhao Duplicator D10 is the perfect 3D printer for you. This tiny plug & play production machine fits on any desk, is intuitive to use via touch screen and works reliably.
    Main features of the Wanhao Duplicator D10 3D printer
    Wanhao Duplicator D10 is a 3D printer for children, families and beginners.
    Quick and easy installation - Plug & play 3D printer
    Very intuitive and easy to use device
    Thanks to the simple design perfectly suitable for pupils, apprentices and beginners.
    Convenient operation via the integrated touch display
    Works with PLA filament for a simple and safe 3D printing experience
    Quick and easy installation of the plug & play 3D printer
    This device is very fast and easy to install. Simply remove the plug & play 3D printer from the box, simply plug it in and the installation is complete. Now download a 3D file from Thingiverse or install it yourself via ThinkerCAD, cut it and simply transfer it via SD card to your Duplicator D10.
    The Wanhao Duplicator D10 is a perfect 3D printer for students, apprentices and newcomers to 3D printing technology. Its simple design gives beginners a quick insight and understanding of 3D printing technology. Once you understand the basics of FFF / FDM-3D printing, the operation of professional 3D printers becomes much easier.
    Convenient operation via the integrated touch display
    Many 3D printers in this price segment have to be operated via an outdated LCD display and buttons. Not so Wanhao Duplicator D10: control it like your smartphone or tablet, via its touch display.
    Works with PLA filament for an easy and safe 3D printing experience.

    Simply remove your items by bending the build platform slightly. This eliminates the need to use a spatula and eliminates the risk of injury from slipping the spatula.

    19 од.


    Workable Area
    116 * 116 * 125 mm
    Print speed
    80 mm/sec
    Print precision
    0,4 mm
    Filament diameter
    1,75 mm
    Nozzle diameter
    0,4 mm
    Double extruder
    Extruder temperature
    Floor temperature
    Supported drawing format
    10 Kg

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