Metal Industrial Silver - Filament 1.75 mm - 750 gr

    Metal Industrial Silver - Filament 1.75 mm - 750 gr

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    Primaselect Metal Industrial Silver

    PLA Glossy is a new type of PLA that is much stronger than regular PLA and has a heat resistance of up to 75 ° C. This means you can use it for mechanical parts, as well as parts that you can use (for example) in a hot car during the summer without the risk of the print becoming soft.
    PLA Glossy is a unique filament thanks to its glossy surface. It will produce prints with an extremely glossy / metallic finish that really stand out.
    PLA Glossy is used in the same way as regular PLA but with a slightly higher temperature range.
    The printing temperature should be between 210 and 230 ° C (typical is 220 ° C). Filament should be used with a heated build plate for best results, and depending on the size of the print, you can use it with a range of 20-90 ° C (typical is 60 ° C) Use normal print speed 40-60 mm / S.

    It is recommended to use PrimaFIX on the construction surface for better adhesion and to avoid deformation.

    10 од.


    Filament diameter
    1,75 mm
    Extruder temperature
    Floor temperature
    750 gr

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