Monocure 3D RESINAWAY 2 LT

    Monocure 3D RESINAWAY 2 LT

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    Monocure 3D RESINAWAY

    Monocure 3D RESINAWAY is a non-flammable, safe and highly advanced cleaning solution for UV resins. It is chemically engineered to quickly and effectively remove uncured UV photopolymer resin from printed parts without unwanted surface cracks, dullness or white residue. It is a perfect cleaner for build plates, tubs, tools and surfaces. It is safer, faster, more effective and longer lasting than isopropyl alcohol (IPA).

    Shake well before each use. Slowly drip the pigment solution into the Monocure 3D resin and mix well until the desired color is achieved. To achieve the same color density as our pigmented Rapid Resin, approximately 4 ml of the pigment dispersion will need to be added. Adding an excessive amount of pigment can result in slower cure times and potentially inhibit cure completely.

    The pigment solution can be added to our white or clear resin depending on the finish you are looking for. When added to the white base resin, a matte finish will result. If you add to the clear resin, a clear appearance will result. The more pigment you add, the more solid the color will become.

    Please be extremely careful when handling pigments as they stain very easily.

    Pigment dispersions are safe to use, but it is always recommended that you read and understand the technical and safety information before use
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