Arco Termoscanner with Temperature Detection

    Arco Termoscanner with Temperature Detection

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    Arco Termoscanner with Body Temperature Detection and Mask

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    Italian manufacturer: MeccTronic

    Останні товари на складі

    Passage arch with body temperature measuring apparatus with thermal imaging and facial recognition while wearing the mask.

    Made in Italy

    Terminal for face and temperature recognition

    Face detection and facial recognition algorithm.

    Facial recognition speed <0.2 s.

    Long-distance facial recognition e

    Infrared LEDs for night vision

    Motion detection in real time.

    Infrared temperature sensor.

    It accurately detects the temperature and identifies the presence of a real face

    Download on USB memory of an Excel file with detailed records of the presence temperature

    Temperature sensing distance: 0.5 meters;

    Detection error: 0.4


    • Display: 5 inch touch screen
    • Resolution 854 * 480
    • Keyboard: Virtual touch
    • Communication: TCP / IP, WIFI, USB PEN DRIVE
    • FRR: <= 0.1%
    • FAR: <= 0.001%
    • Size: 154mm * 152mm * 22mm
    • Power supply: 12 V
    • Temperature: -15 + 60 °
    • OS: Linux
    • Languages: English
    • Users: 3000
    • Faces: 3000
    • User Memories: 1,000,000
    • Recognition speed: 0.2 sec
    • Transport: included in the price, assembly separately
    5 од.

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