AzureFilm PLA STRONGMAN 3D Filament 1KG

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AzureFilm PLA STRONGMAN 3D Filament 1KG is a versatile, strong and resilient filament that has properties of both ABS and PLA. Compared with the PLA filaments usually found on the market, Strongman PLA features higher toughness and impact resistance. Therefore, the filament is particularly suitable for the manufacture of products that need to have higher strength, such as drones, bearings, etc.

The filament does not cause stringing, warping or clogging and is compatible with most FDM printers.


AzureFilm PLA STRONGMAN 3D Filament 1KG
is as solid as ABS filament, but has the functional characteristics of regular PLA.
Strongman filament was developed because printing with ABS filament is more difficult. Compared with conventional PLA filament, PLA Strongman is much more resistant, especially to impact. can be used for printing drones, bearings, and all products that require extra strength.

In terms of thermal resistance, this filament has the same characteristics as regular PLA filament. For good results, it is necessary to print at a temperature of 200-230°C, and the plate should be heated to 50-60°C.

Features and properties

  • With the properties of ABS and PLA
  • High toughness and impact resistance
  • High compatibility with FDM printers

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